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  1. I'm impressed at how people rationalize this being an acceptable boss. You want to farm items for years and hit a boss for hours? How does this constitute a good boss? The most upsetting part is that they didn't make a new boss to sit on his health sponge, they had to use the summer boss, and now summer has no giant.
  2. Other characters are getting robot skins, yet remaining the same character? Seems a bit incohesive to me. I was hoping these skins would tell you something about the character, not be completely random outfits. Team Starvation 2.
  3. I hope this doesn't give birth to a microtransaction system
  4. It's a drawback, every character has them, and it makes gameplay more varied and challenging. Woodie is obviously the lumberjack, so living in a treeless area is not a great idea.
  5. I do agree with you to a certain extent, but not all of us can play with trusted friends. I enjoy the challenge and chaos that comes with public servers, but the challenge should be able to be overcome. If someone is griefing or being a pain in the rear, you should be able to kill them, right? NO THEY WILL JUST BECOME THE UNSTOPPABLE REVENANT OF GRIEF
  6. Ghosts seem too destructive, a single one can easily wreck havoc on your base and the entire world. Griefer ghosts are unstoppable. I'd balance it by either providing furniture or items that can keep ghosts away, or by making it so lone ghosts in a server are very weak, but get more powerful as more people become ghosts.