you should be able to add things to a stone campfire at night

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... you can, how many logs/ flamable objects do you put on the fire?

what do you put on the fire?

are you walking into the darkness?

are you useing a fire pit or campfire?

do you have full invetory?

what biome are you in where failing to put fuel on the fire?

note: op didn't have list, changed that.

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op didn't have list.
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Uh... you can. I keep a stone fire pit at my base camp, just like everyone else, and when I spend a night there I just slap some logs, charcoal, a rope, whatever I have to get a fire going into the fire pit and I'm good to go.

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Personally, I don't think you should be able to put things in the fire while it's pitch black. I mean, you can't start a fire if you can't see

yeah this games too ******* hard. i wanna refund.

Some call From Software (Dark Souls devs), because they're about to go out of business. Also, maybe if you had given a legitimate reason people might listen to you. Such as, the game is inaccessible or perhaps does not explain itself well enough. You could've made arguments, but did not. Try again

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