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just came back and now everything is on fire

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step 1: start as wilson

step 2: stomp spiders


step 4: bury skull

step 5: bye wilson lol


So I haven't played Don't Starve in months aka since I bought Reign of Giants when DST was still giving out the first beta keys and I decided, man, I should play DS again. Got lucky, got access to Webber. First map sucked, quit on day 16. Made a new world, set up camp in a forest full of spiders and a farm set piece.


So off I go on day 17-18, since I found an Ice Box trap earlier and hey, ~Winter is Coming~ next right?? right???? HAHA NO **** you too maxwell


Opened the chest, and there's an umbrella and a silly lollipop man vest in it. Huh, that's not winte-OH GOD MY EYES. MY MANY COMPOUND EYES ARE BURNING OUT OF MY SKULL. WHAT HAVE I DONE


So now I've spent the past two days running between trees, scavenging vegetables and regretting everything because I can't go back to camp because guess what?? i don't have a flingomatic set up back home


In other news, a forest burst into flames, raw carrots are gross and I'm inches away from Chester's disgusting eyeball stick but there's no trees around it so I have to run like hell into a molefield and grab it before I turn into a hairy delicacy.

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Ah heat. Its like Dont Starve bought a little bit of what living in Australia is like to their game.

Endo fires are your friend.
Strawhat also keep you cool
There is a hand fan thing too. Aside from that. Ride it out and hope for the best. 

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