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Wilderness PVP ****

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Server: Wilderness PVP - the camp is where u make it.


Anything else is a lie.


Server reset itself and we all started on day 1. I found this guy called Somobischi, we teamed up. We found Damselindistress, we asked her to team up, she said no, so we attacked her. We chased her for a while and did a bit of damage on her. While she was running, she crafted a Morning Star, how she did this without commands I have no idea. She then escaped, she proceeded to call me a fag and said that she would "**** me".


She found me and Somobischi sitting beside a fire. She killed Somobischi and I escaped. She chased me for a while. When it got dark, I didn´t have a torch, so I logged out. This debunks what people have been saying that I was burning down pig houses. I didn´t have a torch and I didn´t have time to gather any materials as I was being hunted. Damselindistress had somehow managed to gather on day 2 of a new world a pig skin helmet, log suit, an ice staff and infinite amount of sleep and fire darts. Again, how she did this with no commands is beyond me. 


So when I logged out and logged back in I was surrounded by walls. Somehow. plus all of her impressive weaponry and armour, she had also found the time to find enough material to make a pen for me. It was unfinished however, so I escaped. Because Damselindistress couldn´t find me, she banned me.


Damselindistress is a cheater who could not fight me legitimately so she had to spawn in items, and when I survived, she raged quit and just simply banned me. Her friends are now lying ad inventing false accusation to justify her irresponsible use of admin powers. 


I am writing this to let people now that the server "Wilderness PVP the base is where you make it" has some awful members and should be avoided entirely. 









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Maybe you don't understand English. There are hundreds of servers. Klei does not police servers. If you don't like a server, join a different one.


Good luck.

 Why would I not understand English?


There are hundreds of empty servers, but this one is the only one to currently have 18 players. Other servers at most had 6, if that.


I am also writing this to help people and to advise them to not waste their time like I did. 

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I want that salt to go in their eyes. I want them to suffer. The moment I get unbanned, I am going to go crazy and murder everything I see.
Dang that sounds both kinky and disgusting at the same time but I don't think they roll that way so I guess you're gonna have to find a different way to get revenge. 
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