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Newbie PvP Tricks!

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Type this command in the console. You can bring up the console by pressing ~ on your keyboard. It registers your exact position on the server and makes fighting and kiting better.



Ctrl + F


Use this to force attack players and other mobs. However, if you can keep steady clicks with your mouse, it is much better to use Ctrl + Left Mouse Button because you will attack faster (just how you can chop trees much faster using the left mouse button).



TheWorld.minimap.MiniMap:ShowArea(0,0,0, 10000)



This is also a command that can be typed in the console. Used to reveal the map in both PvP and non PvP so you don't wander aimlessly searching for biomes. If it doesn't work at first, open your map, the open the console and type the command.



Have fun!

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Wait, what? Do you have any source for this?


It takes the same amount of chops, however you can do it faster. Try cutting one tree by using space, and then cut another one by clicking on the tree as fast as you can.

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