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  1. I noticed that dupes in jet suits try to path through automated airlocks that are locked by automation signal. They just wait at the airlocks until their shift ends or I give them a move command. Their destination was reachable through other paths as well. I haven't witnessed the start of their errand but I assume they tried pathing through the airlocks when my rocket landed but didn't make it in time before they closed again.
  2. @bzzz yes, iirc there was a savegame load between launch and landing. That was my thought as well that meddling with the tank behavior might have had unintended side-effects.
  3. Whenever my rocket returns and gets refueled again, the fuel tank with a limit set to below 900kg, e.g. 200kg of fuel, continues to get filled over the threshold and a dupe comes and tries to empty the excess fuel, but it continues to get filled up. It only stops when I readjust the limit. Planet Badass (PV6.1) RocketRetu.savy
  4. Planet Badass (PV6.1) RocketRetu.sav Issue: Fuel tanks eject their petroleum content as bottles when selected. This only happens to the top most fuel tank on my rockets with 2 and 3 tanks respectively. This happens every time they return and start to be refueled immediately again. (You can also see another issue: the fill level indicator of the bottom fuel tanks are showing no content even though the tanks are full) Here is a clip of it happening: Oxygen Not Included 2018.12.12 -
  5. My rancher tries to groom critters at a groom station that is outside of a stable room, essentially trying to call critters that are anywhere on the map, and he doesn't seem to stop. My expectation is, that grooming wouldn't be active if outside of a closed stable. Planet Badass (PV6.1) RocketRetu.sav
  6. Same issue as here: I built and launched the rocket yesterday. When I loaded the savegame today, some of its modules reappeared back on its launchpad. Planet Badass (Preview 6 SB).sav
  7. I've been launching a lot of rockets since the update before and haven't had any issues with disappearing rocket parts! Suggestion: For the new mouse-friendly threshold entry, the options should be one magnitude smaller, 100g/1.000g instead of 1.000g/10.000g for the atmo-sensor for example, that'd be more useful.
  8. I have a rocket scheduled for return in the attached save. Only the command capsule of the rocket returns with engine and satellite modules missing. I loaded it twice and both times the rocket was incomplete. This is on the latest Hotfix that just got released an hour or so ago. I sent out a rocket before that without issues. Planet Badass (Preview 5).sav
  9. @Brook I'm not at my PC right now, but it's the save file from my other bug ticket:
  10. After the latest Hotfix I could successfully load save games from the stable branch in preview. But any newly created autosave or manual save in preview fails to load, now with even more Null Reference errors Planet Badass (Preview 3).sav Planet Badass (Preview 3).sav
  11. Welcome back, Harold, Bubbles and Camille! We never gave up hope!
  12. Awesome!! So excited to play my colony again! Thanks for all the work!
  13. @Ipsquiggle here's the autosave a few cycles before the rocket leaves for the next mission. Planet Badass (PREVIEW) Cycle 813.sav