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  1. You should read signatures :)

  2. What happens when you are fighting a Deerclops with 6 people on, the monster being scaled to 6 players, then 3 players disconnect?
  3. What is the best way to explore the map in a PvP scenario?
  4. Does it happen on all servers? Do you have high ping?
  5. Haven't seen Klei say "it is forbidden to use macros"? If it is said, then I will probably stop caring.
  6. So I've read all these "drama" threads, and I'm getting the feeling that some people don't want other people to find out about the macros? Anyway, I feel that Wickerbottom is pretty strong now that Sleepy Time Stories affect players, and also Wigfrid and Wolfgang remain at the top. So I'm pretty sure a good team composition will include Wicker and Wigfrid or Wolfgang.
  7. Well is this considered an exploit? A hack? Or just a macro that can be used? Plenty of macros being used in WoW, for example. And if I see someone attack faster than usual what do I do?
  8. I saw two players attacking just like you did in the video. Even if they were slowed, or under the effects of the pan flutes, their attacks were much faster than their opponents. Even if the others tried to kite, they couldn't get in as many attacks and as fast as those players. Now, asking the game developers: Is this allowed? I would definitely want to use if it gives you an allowed advantage, because it doesn't seem fair seeing those players just destroy everyone(in the servers I played).
  9. Someone told me today about this console command ThePlayer:EnableMovementPrediction(false) Had a couple of fights, it seems laggy but the fights are more interesting. I would like to ask some questions, if that is ok: A good strategy to start a base/ get equipped fast in PvP?What are the best mods to use in PvP?Is there a way to attack faster? (Sometimes someone attacks you and you just get stuck and cannot attack or anything, is this intended? Also it gets more difficult to kite)How much of a difference in ping makes you the better player?Are there PvP tournaments?Are there more experienced players willing to teach?I haven't spent so many hours in singleplayer, but I played more in DsT. However, I know how things generally work. Will that be an issue?Wigfrid, Wolfgang and Wickerbottom are the best choices in PvP?Good DsT streamers?
  10. I played on a server for dozens of days, made a base with a few other players, then I leave for a break. Afterwards, everyone else takes a break and the server is empty. I then rejoin and it says: "Everyone else is dead. Save them! Survived X days; World will reset in X days." Needless to say, the world reset and we lost everything Is this how Survival mode is intended, or what? 'Cause otherwise, it's pretty ******* stupid.
  11. So that's how it works? I know we could argue that I should have made a private server. Let's forget about that for a bit. If that is so, then it's easy to grief the world. 6 people tried to build a base, and play for 80 ingame days straight. Afterwards they leave, since they're all tired. This means that a troll can easily come in and die just to reset the world?
  12. I was alone on a 90+ DST RoG world, and it suddenly said: There are no players alive on the servers, revive someone before the world resets. And it was nothing I could do.