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Server/Client mod configurations

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When I set up a custom configuration for mods for a single host (player as host) then the configuration files works. However, when a configuration is setup for the client and the server using modoverides.lua for both client and host then the client doesn't see the configuration is reverts to default. How can I modify this? I can't seem to change the configuration in the modscreen of the client to override this. The client for some reason always reverts to default. Is there a work around for this?

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@gregdwilson, the mod itself will need to determine if it wants to read the client's configuration or the server's configuration for each option. This is done by passing true or false into the second parameter of GetModConfigData. Passing true will return the local client's configuration, rather than the version download by the server.


Or am I misunderstanding your issue?

@Maris, what is the bug you are referring to here?

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