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  1. Just wait. I did not restart Steam or PC, and issue has gone. I didn't do anything special. P.S. Seems that Steam doesn't like if you upload the mod too fast again and again with little fixes. But I'm not sure. May be a kind of bug on Steam.
  2. Mini Sign does not support items from mods.
  3. Happy New Year! I wish less bugs in next year.
  4. In modindex.lua you have: function ModIndex:InitializeModInfo(modname) local env = {} Change it please to: function ModIndex:InitializeModInfoEnv() return {} end function ModIndex:InitializeModInfo(modname) local env = self:InitializeModInfoEnv() Thanks in advance.
  5. You could add global prefabs = {} I guess
  6. recipe.lua

    self.level = level or 0 self.level.ANCIENT = self.level.ANCIENT or 0 Why 0? It's a table, isn't it?
  7. Some food mods may be incompatible. FIX: Jump implement this into the game please. Thanks in advance:
  8. Finally! Also add icons for mushrooms please.
  9. No updates for long time. Something big is coming?
  10. What exactly is done? And how much better is it now? e.g. I could host maximum for 20 players before. Can I increase this number now?
  11. True. That was an empty folder with a single txt file. Not a mod. There was not even the modinfo file.
  12. Sometimes server crashes. I have a mod with following code: mods = {} local function SearchForModsByName() if mods.active_mods_by_name then return --Already initialized. end mods.active_mods_by_name = {} if not (_G.KnownModIndex and _G.KnownModIndex.savedata and _G.KnownModIndex.savedata.known_mods) then print("ERROR COMMON LIB: Can't find KnownModIndex!") return end for name,mod in pairs(_G.KnownModIndex.savedata.known_mods) do if (mod.enabled or mod.temp_enabled or _G.KnownModIndex:IsModForceEnabled(name)) --Mod is active. and not mod.temp_disabled --And not disabled. then local real_name = mods.active_mods_by_name[real_name] = true end end end Server crashes on line: mods.active_mods_by_name[real_name] = true with message: [00:15:25]: [string "../mods/workshop-666155465/modmain.lua"]:280: table index is nil Does it mean that mod.modinfo is real table but is nil? Is it bug of the game or I missed something? print(mod.modinfo) -- a table print( -- nil I'm just trying to detect some other mods to improve compatibility with my mod.
  13. True. And I even can't find it on market. P.S. Also add plz "Head" tag to market. There is "Body", "Legs", "Hand", "Feet" but no "Head". Thanks in advance.