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Natural disasters and rituals

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As anyone who survives for about 4 seasons will notice, the game ends up becoming pretty easy, and even a little boring. What I think would be a good idea to get rid of this monotony would be to add natural disasters.

Things like . . .

Tornadoes, which would demolish anything in it's path (be it trees, animals, or even bases).

Plague, which would radically reduce a certain species

Draught, which would kind of work like the summer mechanic with plants and crops

Freak lightning storm, which would be non-stop rain for several days, with increased lightning.

Then there would be rituals, which could be fun to use and help face certain natual disasters.

An example would be a rain dance, which would require materials like a blue gem, a shaman staff (which would require living wood and a purple staff to make), and several sheets of papyrus. It may need different materials, or it may not. What it would do though, is make it rain for a solid day, which would help with crops and obviously help with a draught.

These are just ideas, and I know that not all of them may be fantastic ideas, but I think it would spice up the game and cure the late game boardom. Personally, I like the tornado idea if nothing else.

But what do all of you think?

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I think they are adding something like that (to DST) anyway.  Not those ideas specifically but another "natural" disaster that will demolish things randomly.  I am unsure whether there will be any rituals or anything of that like in regards to combating it though.


I like your ideas by the way.

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This should be in the Suggestions forum. You know, the place modders go when they're out of ideas and have spare time

The catch is: Modders never have time.

I suppose you're right. As a console restricted player though, I tend to think less of mods. (That isn't entirely true. I long for the day when us console players will be privy to all the wonderous mods out there. However, as that probably won't ever happen I just hope things like this will be added to vanilla)

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