The Gloom Beacons


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Hello all!


This RP is based in DS's cave system and only the cave system. No going up, no leaving, nothing. Not even death can get you out of here.


The backstory:


After a cave-in in DST (Don't Starve Together), Roman Strife wakes up with a headache and a sore stomach. With only a band of others that have been trapped down here, and the knowledge gleamed from many deaths will they be able to find out what really happened.


Character Creation:






Era: (Eg.Characters can come from the far future, or the stoneage)

World of Origin: (Earth, Venus, Mars, or a fantasy world.)

Lineage: (If an ancestor was famous, put it here)

Skills: (Nothing OP please, you can't drill through solid stone with a pinky finger)


Injuries: (MUST HAVE ONE)

Backstory: (Optional)



Name: Roman Strife

Gender: Male

Race: 1/4 Daemon, 1/4 Elf, 1/2 Human

Era: 22nd Century

World of Origin: Alfheim 

Lineage: Grandson of Kramak Strife, infamous fire daemon.

Skills: Can light mini-fires with his fingers, has a huge lung capacity, and can run fairly quickly.

Ex-Job: Adventurer

Injuries: Quarrel to the knee, almost fully mended.


Good luck out there.




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This seems like fun, alright, I'll play your game. Try this on for size.

Name: Wilber Nevermind

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Era: 20th Century

World of Origin: Fritforn

Lineage: Son of Gemini Nevermind, Fritforn's first life mage.

Skills: He has knowledge of various supportive and offensive spells. He isn't bothered by darkness.

Ex-Job: Healer

Injuries: He's completely blind.

Backstory: Living in the tiny world of Fritforn, Wilber was the person that continued his father's era. He continued to give the world he life magic it had needed. He taught it to his nephew Isa Nevermind because he never had any children of his own.

After a while, curiosity began to get the better of him, and he sought for the outer places of his realm. Itching for a way to escape his norm, he found William Carter (our Maxwell) and was promised a way out. Ecstatic, Wilbur was plunged into the dangerous world we know now, and found the help of a fairy named Pine. Pine acted as his guide, helping him see what he couldn't when things would go wrong.

One day, Wilbur found himself in an earthquake he couldn't get out of. He fell into the depths below, separated from Pine and the base he made. He found himself back at square one...alone.

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Ah whatever, I'm applying. I hope you don't mind if I tweak the character sheet a little.

Name: Wilhelmina/Mina

Age: Around late teens - early twenties. She really hasn't kept track.

Gender: Female

Race: Hyooman Human

Era: 21st century

World of Origin: Earth

Lineage: No one well known, and even if there was she wouldn't know.

Attributes: Fast (not dodge bullests fast, but still really fast), Absurdly high pain tolerance, Quick reaction time, Is armed with a dagger, Isn't a picky eater

Disabilities: While high pain tolerance is a blessing in combat, it can cause injuries to go unnoticed or underestimated despite any severity, and can cause her to be more reckless as there's not much pain to deter her from injury; the pain tolerance also doesn't apply to mental attacks. She has several different phobias including Claustrophobia, a selective form of Aquaphobia, extreme fear of restraint, and a large aversion to cigarette smoke. Triggering her phobias, depending on the severity, can cause a panic attack. For an unknown reason, the dagger she caries seems to be the only thing that will cause large amounts of physical pain to her, but it's just a normal dagger to everyone else.

Ex-Job: Street preformer, Pickpocket, pretty much anything that sustained her and her nomadic life style

Injuries: Concussion (but no loss of memory)

Tell me if anything needs tweaked.

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I sort of feel like getting back into this. Nice to see an RP that sticks to the DS universe, too.
You're gonna need this.
Name: Sharp
Age: Late 40s
Gender: Male...? Nobody knows anymore.
Race: Civilified Part-Hooman
Era: Late 21st Century
World of Origin: Earth
Lineage: Nothing Special, mainly scholars and university professors
Skills: His body is covered, or pretty much made out of, metal and computer chips. Most of his "improvements" are beyond repair, but they're still made out of solid platinum, making them excellent bludgeoning weapons. However, they're still, you know, giant metal computers.
Ex-Job: Espionage Field Agent
Injuries: Tore off his right arm and traded it for a computer
Backstory: Driven by an obsession with perfecting his form, he replaced most of his parts with a mechanical or vat-grown replacement. Originally funding his trans humanism through corporate bounty hunting, he joined Invisible Inc, a prestigious hired espionage company, when his augmentation ambitions grew beyond what is available on the open market. After Incognita took over he was basically turned into her drone, until he was rescued in a particularly violent Invisible mission involving a sonic screwdriver and the entire inside of his body. Now the most he can do with his body is move and maintain basic internal function. How plebeian.

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Injuries: Concussion (but no loss of memory)



Just a quicky, but that injury needs to be a biiiiit more serious to counter her more interesting traits. Nothing major, but having memory loss/selective amnesia would be a great way to really add some extra "umph" to the injury.

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Just a quicky, but that injury needs to be a biiiiit more serious to counter her more interesting traits. Nothing major, but having memory loss/selective amnesia would be a great way to really add some extra "umph" to the injury.

Would forgetting her time spent in the DS world and how she got there suffice? That way she's completely clueless on the dangers present (such as the dark) and any knowledge of items she's learned how to prototype, on top of the disorientation and confusion from the concussion.
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Race:100% NERD

Era: Present

World of Origin: Marshmallow dancing happy kittens cutie dogs world

Skills: Analyzing,Creativity,Nerd's Power


Injuries: Lost memory temporarily with the fear of the unknown

Backstory: 1 day,Edward tripped on a stone,hit his head,and you know the result


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"I remembered that i was fell on a rock,but it coudn't be this bad!"


I check my bag,with a hope that someone will answer,but sadly.There is no voice except my echo...

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(Hope you don't mind me doing this in a literate roleplay style.)


Sharp was, for all intents and purposes, dead. Not dead in a conventional sense, though. More the way you'd call GlaDOS dead. Mostly because he was made out of, and powered by, the same things GlaDOS is. And, like GlaDOS, Sharp was currently lying in an overgrown cavern, lit by a hole in the ceiling. Waiting for some sorry [censored] to trip over them and turn them on.


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(Ah, I see most are using the first person perspective. I prefer ol' thirdsy myself.)

Mina started to regain conscious, but strangely enough found herself unable to move. There was just a continuous throbbing in her head and garbled voices. She could hear them perfectly well; it was just what they were saying wasn't registering. The moment passed quickly though, and she soon pryed her eyelids open.

"Why is everyone shouting?" she mumbled drowsily before shifting, dislodging some of the rocks around her, as she had landed in a rather uncomfortable position amongst a pile of rubble.

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*Feels something creepy*



I immediately hold my bag,roll away as far as possible,but my head is still hurting very bad.I quickly search for some kind of weapon in my bag.Alli got is:A Nerf pistol,a rubik's cube and some books.I hold my gun,trying to find a bullet to shoot,sadly.There is none..



Also,i will go to 3rd person from now on

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Wilbur shields his head, shaking slightly from the sudden shout. Loud noises always sort of frightened him, and now was no exception.

"I-I am not a thing! I apologize if I scared you,"

The sound of rocks can be heard getting louder. Wilbur looks around aimlessly again. Something furry lands on his lap.


Wilbur hugs the furry creature tightly. Feeling around a bit, he takes the eye bone out of its mouth.

(I can only make a post a day, can someone tell me why?)

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"Ok,hi,hello?What is your name?Do you know anyone else that is here?My name is Edward,it seems like we are in some kind of another dimension.It is very dark,do you have some kind of torch?

Edward said

Edward continues searching his bag,with a hope that he will find something useful,or just something that can set his nerves down.Well,there's a rubik cube.He takes it out.Starting to play.

"Oh right,total darkness,i cannot see anything.How can i play?"

Edward mumble






@Shonex,your active posts counter is 0,that seems very odd

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""Glad to meet you Edward. My name is Wilbur,"

Wilbur hugs the furry creature tight.

"This is Otto von Chesterfield Esquire and he's been with my for quite some time now,"

Wilbur feels around a bit, takes out a torch, and proceeds to light up the area. The light shines on the cave walls, revealing a path for them up ahead.

"There, is that better?"

Wilbur hands Edward the torch. It didn't really do Wilbur any good to hold onto it.

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"Wow,that is a long long name that is just about from NYC to LA."

Edward said as he take the torch

"There,i will hold this torch,guess you don't want to burn chesterfield's fur right?


As the area lit up.The whole enter cave seems huge,as far as your eyes can see,it is just an endless road of stone and weird thing.





Come on people.join in and make this a story


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