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The amazing battle with the dragonfly

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It was my wacky world of wonder, day 100 something. I thought to myself,


"Hey, I should go kick the dragonfly's ass."


So I got some bunnymen from the cave biomes (i have that mod because i want everything in-game to be obtainable) and 2 rock lobsters and started heading towards the dragonfly in autumn. 


Anywho, I was kiting him pretty decently and was getting my rock lobsters to deal with the lavae, and periodically got some hounds from nearby hound mounds to help with the lavae. Then, Bearger spawned, I succesfully got him to aggro on the dragonfly, who whacked him dead.


Then, the strangest thing happened. Deerclops spawned. In autumn. He came over and instantly started beating up the dragonfly, his freezing attack proving to be very helpful. He eventually died too, but dragonfly was so low on health that it only took a couple more hounds and my last 2 surviving bunnymen and me to finish him off.


TL;DR I have an insulated pack, eyebrella, and scalemail.

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