Gobblers spawn rate and fence

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I am nerved out, as i started harvesting my replanted berry bushes, the gobblers went out almost of every single bush, and i couldn't do anything, they just ate all berries that left. So i'm suggesting to (at least) decrease spawn chane from player replanted berry bushes, or/and put in game fense, and if (for example) there is berry farm surrounded by fense, gobblers can't spawn from these bushes, and to balance that, there coul'd be limitations for size of fense(these could be as defended farms with 2 or 4 bushes max).

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Imo there's no real need for fences around your berry bushes that make the gobbler not being able to spawn from them.And the gobblers are just doing their job :p But there is a way to outsmart them,and to not lose any berry at all to them!

Pick your berries at night.Either equip a torch,or make a campfire nearby so your entire berry farm is enlighted,AND you can cook the berries afterwards aswell.Even if a gobbler appears,he will just run into another bush to hide.Even though the bush looks like it had it's berries eaten,you still have the option to pick them.With this you will not lose any berries,and you have something to do at night ^^

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While there hasn't been any official word on fences, the Devs have mentioned they will include walls at one point. However they first need to upgrade the monster pathfinding AI... or else monsters will just run into the walls trying to reach you. Other players have also suggested walls in other threads, so even though walls are in, fences are still popular.

Also, to easily kill the Gobbler have a pan flute in your inventory. When on pops out, scare it off a short distance then play the flute. It will fall asleep and then a simple spear thrust will kill it.

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