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To whom this may concern, im not sure how to mod, but i have a great idea for a mod if someone was able to pull it off, I was wondering if there was a possible way in dont starve to create a structure that reveals a large area of the map.


Ive always been annoed with running around to reveal all of the map, and it got me thinking whilst exploring, what if there were a structure, like a watch tower made out of say, 10 wood boards. the watch tower would be a medium size structure, looking like a level 1 sniper tower from clash of clans, or something like a wooden watchtower,  that would reveal a semi large, or very large portion of the map from where it was built. 


this would make sense because you are higher up and can get a greater view of the landscape, and would also be extremly useful for viewing a large portion of the map. I hope there is someone who can let me know if this is possible, and i would be amazed if someone actually made a mod like this.

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