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Biding my time

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Ok. I reached a peak at about day 50 in my current game. I heard that you unlock a new character after day 100? I spent last night in front of The Avengers with my browser up feeding Wilson every few minutes in front of a camp fire that I threw sticks on each night in the game. I am at day 85. I'm down to my last tools, I've explored the whole island and I have grips of chests full of meat because of my 8 magical farms with 3 meat effigies. I haven't seen the new content yet because I've been stuck in this phase of the game for a while and it's just taken me this long to put up with it until I reach over 100 days to unlock the new character.Thoughts?Don't get me wrong! I love this game. I can't wait to see the new content! I just wonder if anybody has reached a similar stage in their playing. I don't really see myself as a master of Don't Starve.

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there are a lot of things to do... the first thing i did was to build a camp with enough farms, then i explored the whole map, took 2 mandrakes near my camp, just because... why not?.then i brougth a beefalo near my camp, i made a "honey farm", and i tried to make a "spider farm"i decided to kill all spiders in my map... burned a whole forest in the process... i reforested it...it just keeps me entretained...but i think i am running out of things to do...post-706-13764589214634_thumb.jpg

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You can spend time gathering fireflies and spreading them on your camp.You can hunt beefaloo/spiders.I like going island to island and setting up new camps which specialize in various things.Flint islands.Forest islandsPig islands.

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I found a few fireflies and have started laying around my camp. good stuff! now I don't need wood to burn at night anymore. I would like to make it a few more days just to unlock all the stuff. Then I will start a new world and explore it. I hear the worlds are bigger now?post-427-13764589215804_thumb.jpg

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