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Why should I use a Dark Sword?

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I'm currently playing as Wigfrid, so I get a base 1.25x multiplier to any weapon I use.


If I do the math:

  • Battle Spear: 42.5 damage, times 1.25 = 53.1 damage (no penalty for use)
  • Tentacle Spike: 51 damage, times 1.25 = 63.7 damage (no penalty for use)
  • Ham Bat: 59.5 damage, times 1.25 = 74.3 damage (no penalty for use when fresh)
  • Dark Sword: 68 damage, times 1.25 = 85 damage (massive sanity penalty?
The amount of swings required to kill these enemies with the weapon in Wigfrid's hands can be looked at like this: 

Small Enemies with 100 health (spiders, hounds)

  • Battle Spear:       2 swings
  • Tentacle Spike:   2 swings
  • Ham Bat:             2 swings
  • Dark Sword:        2 swings
Medium Enemies with 500 health (pigs, clockworks, Beefalo, tallbirds)
  • Battle Spear:       10 swings
  • Tentacle Spike:   8 swings
  • Ham Bat:             7 swings
  • Dark Sword:        6 swings
Giants with 3000 health
  • Battle Spear:       57 swings
  • Tentacle Spike:   47 swings
  • Ham Bat:             41 swings
  • Dark Sword:        36 swings
So, on the largest bosses, the Dark Sword saves me a total of 5 swings versus a fresh Ham Bat.  And 11 swings versus a Tentacle Spike.  But on anything other than the biggest Giants, I save a total of maybe 1 or two swings versus a regular Ham Bat or even a Tentacle Spike.


Is the sanity drain worth that much?  Are there other benefits of the Dark Sword I'm missing / forgetting?  I have never used it, and i don't know if I ever WANT to use it.  Any tips? Suggestions?  Am I doing somethign wrong?

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Is the sanity drain worth that much?

You can use the numbers on your keyboard to equip items.
For example if you have a dark sword in the first slot and a walking cane in the second slot:
1.)Start kiting the bearger
2.)Press 2 when you're running towards the bearger
3.)Press 1 like one second before you hit it
4.)Press 2 after you attacked it and are running away again
5.)Keep doing this...

This almost totally negates the sanity penaltie.
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Don't Starve wiki : 


The Dark Sword is the strongest melee weapon in the game in terms of reliable, player-dealt damage. It can be used against any Mob in the game, not just against Shadow Creatures. Due to their perks, the Dark Sword proves the most useful when wielded by Wolfgang, Maxwell and Wigfrid.


The benefit is -20sanity/min and it is an advantage for Adventure mode obelisks :




In Adventure Mode, Obelisks act as road barriers, and can be great for many defensive ideas, however it will be hard to deal with, as you might have to eat a load of raw Green Capsto lower your sanity and Cooked Green Caps to raise your sanity, and it would take a while to defend against something, like Hounds.


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Tentacle spikes are finite and somewhat rare (unless you don't mind killing underground tentacles regularly), fresh ham bats are difficult to keep in stock, dark swords can always be used if you need a strong weapon. I recommend it for bigger foes, such as giants, or... well all big foes are giants or giant forms.

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Hmmmm .. ok.  I might craft one and keep it in inventory.  I guess you are right, not using it means no sanity loss, but having a massive damage for when Bearger spawns with little warning could be a good idea.


Also, I'm going to try that walking cane / sword swapping technique.  That might be good.


I guess I just put a lot of faith in the Ham Bat.  Monster meats are so easy to come by, so transforming a pig into Werepig to get 2 meats + pigskin is super easy.  Keep 2 fresh bigmeats in fridge at all times specifically for that.  And the infinite uses just seems so good.  But, I guess that relies pretty heavily on being at home or close enough to home base as to be able to stop by the fridge to pick up supplies AND craft the bat AND get away from the valuable stuff, before the giant spawns right in the middle of your base.


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