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Game Update - 129926 - 3/12/2015

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129926 - 3/12/2015


  • Improved server snapshot system no longer has any additional performance impact over auto-saving
  • Fully supported snapshot rollbacks through the server admin screen, as well as in-game console command (c_rollback())
  • c_reset() debug command no longer has slot deleting functionality. Instead it takes an optional parameter for if we should save the slot before restarting the sim.
  • Added c_regenerateworld() debug command for generating a new world in the active slot. The current world will be deleted.
  • Added useful warning message for Dedicated Servers with misconfigured Steam ports
  • Prevent hdd sleep and system idle sleep while game or dedicated server are running (Windows and OSX)
  • Added "-skip_update_server_mods" and "-only_update_server_mods" command line parameters for dedicated server.  This controls if we want to update the mods in dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua, and if we want to quit once the downloads are finished.  This is meant to be used by hosts that are running several dedicated servers on a single machine.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed rare crash when exiting the game
  • Resuming an auto-saved game will now restore the session to prevent losing or duplicating items
  • Fixed rare server crash when a player who has timed out is simultaneously kicked
  • Fixed rare crash caused when activating a steam join link while connecting to a server
  • Fixed a crash that was a result of being disconnected while auto-downloading server mods
  • Fixed rare crash when unzipping mod data

Cached character icons for servers you’ve played on before have been reset until the next time you join that server again. (Your character is still saved on that server)
Cached minimap will be reset for existing sessions saved before this update

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@JoeW, In the console commands file it says c_reset saves by default, but looking at the code it looks like it does not save by default:

-- Shutdown the application, optionly close with out saving (saves by default)function c_reset(save)    if Theworld ~= nil and TheWorld.ismastersim then		if save then			for i, v in ipairs(AllPlayers) do				v:OnDespawn()			end			TheSystemService:EnableStorage(true)			SaveGameIndex:SaveCurrent(doreset, true)		else			doreset()		end    endend

... also just noticed as I pasted it in here that there's a typo there that should prevent this from ever working, "Theworld"


Edit: Also not seeing the increased number of recipes? I don't think that got in.

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So how snapshots work now? Enabled by default, getting generated once per day when the game saves?


I can't seem to make the crafting menu work with the scroll of my mouse wheel, or even with keys rebinded to match the scroll. Anyone here made it work?


And what's up with all the data that's now stored per session? Where's survival_1? server_temp? Or distributed in the 0000001 file thing with the prefabs, scenarios, and meta info?

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  • Developer

Hey guys, there appears to be some mixup.  The crafting menu has not changed in this update yet, we'll update the patch notes accordingly.  Also, there will be a separate post explaining the new snapshot system later in the day.

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Not sure if it's coincidence but since the last update only 1 of my saved games will load.  That played for a few hours but after attempting to access Manage Server the client no crashes consistently.  If I try loading one of my hosted saves are accessing Managed Server. 


I've uploaded and image of the error messages received here.  Any assistance would be appreciated.  They are family played games and at this point, we've lost all of our worlds.

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  • Developer

The old snapshots were erased intentionally, as the data would not have been consistent.

@Alysianah, it might be related to mod characters.  If you've played with mod-characters, try enabling them before accessing your servers again.

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