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  1. Sorry, I wasn't clear - the two worlds now empty are slot 4 and 5. As they're vanilla, there wasn't a survival_# file for them in the save folder. I've found the save\session folders for each, but they're from waaaaaaay back at the start of the beta. Swapping files in and out and renaming hasn't worked, and it's almost certainly a lost cause.
  2. Ahhhhhh, it worked! The morgue data is back, the extra files are, and three of the main five ((the other two have somehow reset entirely?? but that's a worry for another thread)) are back! All Jury-Rigged Portals have turned into Florid Posterns. And it even remembers which mods I was using. =3 Thank you SO much!
  3. I figured that might be the case, but really appreciate you looking into it regardless.
  4. I reenabled the mod, closed the game, and renamed survival_6 to Cluster_6 ((files, not folders, the only folders I can find are in DoNotStarveTogether\save\session with names such as 08000002148C2271 containing files and folders named KU_5KX_8UnX_)). Started up again, the host game screen still lists it as a blank New World. Honestly, though, I'd rather have my first five saves back than the forty extra. They were wonderful.
  5. All subscribed mods are up to date. That was the very first thing I did after booting it up again. Disabling extra saves did not restore my main five. The extra savegames are still in that folder, as survival_6, survival_7, etc. I don't see any file named Cluster_#, though I haven't made a new world yet. And I do have a backed up saveindex from December and from last March, if that would be of any use? Plus of a couple really old save/session folders that have snapshots in them. Which were nixed forever ago. OTL
  6. I hadn't played since January until last night, when a friend invited me to their server. I got on today, keen on playing alone offline, only to see that none of my files were listed.There have been a ton of updates since then, so I know I'm SOL. Still, it is a little disheartening to find your main 300+ day world gone, along with all the others (and yes, I did use the 50 save slot mod). My morgue data was also nonexistant. client_log.txt
  7. Are you going to upload this to the Steam workshop?
  8. In the weeks leading up to the open forum beta, it was my understanding that the DLC was only adding and changing material in Survival mode. I interpreted this as the caves were going to stay as is, as they've already been tweaked and balanced and then with the Ruins too. So to go underground in spring (hoping for a reprieve in which to ), and find the showers down there? That was very disappointing. That said, I understand the concern for abusing the underground as a getaway. RoG is focused around the seasons and weather trying to kill you, so surviving it given the resources should be priority. But I don't think copying the exact same weather as above is fair. Maybe lessening it so the caves can still be a place to catch your breath, but enough that it will be a problem for anyone hoping to spelunk for days on end?