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Everything is gone

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Sometimes when i'm playing my crafting,items and even my menu(the escape key) disappears! I can still play but I can't see my stuff or get to it at all....I don't know what to do. idk if this is a bug or an issue, or I just keep pressing something I don't know how to disable so i won't put this under that tab.post-614531-0-96448300-1425665222_thumb.

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This is a bug, one of your mods can't find its assets.


You can find out what mod causes it, and whether it's a compatibility issue between two mods, by doing the following: Disable them all and re-enable them one by one to find the faulty mod. When you found the faulty mod, try only that, and if it doesn't crash on its own, enable the other mods one by one.

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