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  1. We're always open to new members joining our dev team as long as you can prove that you can create content like that of Klei themselves! (We want US to be a very high quality mod) Would you be willing to send me some things you've worked on in the past? If so then thanks!
  2. Hey, everyone! Just updated the main post! Hopefully it's a lot more pleasing on the eyes now
  3. Yes! Do that! Do that thing! Not the nightmare bosses! Don't do the nightmare bosses at all o_o' Actually, nightmare bosses would be pretty coo-- WHAT AM I SAYING?!
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  5. This is fine... I'm fine... Everything is fine... potatocups.... potato... cups... this is all I see now... all I know...
  6. What did nome do? I'm not following o_o EDIT: ....oh.... Of course... first the mechanic female character, then giant variants, and now Genocidium : )
  7. Niiice! I'm hyped for this!
  8. I like it... BUT will there be an option to change the syntax highlighting to match that of Notepad++ and/or Sublime? Most programmers for DST mods generally will use one of those two so having options to mimic their syntax highlighting styles would be extremely convenient!
  9. Daniel's re-release should be coming out sometime soon here... Still waiting on some assets but it'll be just as good as the Erik mod when it's fully updated and polished!
  10. They will actually be fairly different! The only one that's similar to the current hounds will be the purple one... Green will avoid combat and target structures, orange will play with teleportation (putting you into danger and avoiding getting hit by you by tele-kiting), and yellow will run circles around you leaving a trail of electricity that stuns you if you step on it!
  11. What..... IS that.........?
  12. I want to get the first update "For Our First Act..." public! It will take quite a bit of work but I'm sure we can get it done! The OP will be going through a few changes as well! It will have some basic information of what the entire mod is and an exact road map of our plans listed out! Everyone get hyped because this thing is happening!!!
  13. While I agree with you that Don't Starve shouldn't ever be touched again this whole thing is just a complete waste of time and here's why: Taking Don't Starve off the Steam store is only money out of Klei's pocket. Doesn't seem like a reasonable business choice to make. Don't Starve could be left just the way it is. No need for any new content or change of name or anything. Klei does not want to port SW at all. Not only was the DLC rushed because of their entire fan base (including me) nagging them to put it on an old engine when they had planned to make a whole new client. Which ended up making the DLC kind of not good. But I'm pretty sure that since it was a collab with Cappy they would have to deal with quite a bit of legal stuff to make it a thing in DST. Single player mode in DST? Ehh.. I doubt that's in Klei's interest considering DS exists... Now while I believe it is a waste of time for Klei I've actually planned to do a bunch of this stuff myself! I'm going to be making a single player mode in Unnatural Selection that rebalances tons of tuning values as well as make minor changes to a few mobs. (such as the Ewecus) It'll even go as far as allowing you to set up as many worlds as you want to! Making it so that only one server runs and it just changes the worldgen between surface/caves/SW/etc. And as for Shipwrecked/Island Adventures... There will end up being 2 world gens that we create out of this. One that mixes the surface world with the SW world and one that is only SW content! This allows for people who can't run more than 2 shards to still enjoy it as well as those who prefer the vanilla SW experience! But what about how bad of a DLC SW was? It still has tons of potential and that will be taken advantage of with Unnatural Selection! We will be adding onto the IA content to fill in blank/missing spots wherever we can so that when both US and IA are enabled at the same time you get tons of bonus content and it makes IA/SW fun! Whether or not you like that is your choice... But that's just the way things are! I'm not being rude by squandering your ideas... I'm merely being honest!