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  1. I still give you a 6/10

  2. help im dumb

    Who doesn't like titles? I'd kill for a title! But something small... Like a carrot! Not spiders though, they're icky.
  3. help im dumb

    I'm just messing with ya, dude! That's what friends are for! ...Right?
  4. help im dumb

    Ehhhh... He's more of a 6/10 lol
  5. I understand the desire for a tutorial, however, at this time I do not have time. I've supplied the general information you need in order to use this API to it's full effectiveness. At this time if you're looking for a step-by-step guide you will either need to create it yourself or wait for someone with more time to create it. Once again, as it has been stated several times now this is an API not a tutorial. There is a clear difference between them and the faster you understand that the faster you will be able to create skins. There are many examples aside from Erik on the steam workshop for you to use, @Chris1488 has even created a forum topic linking the different skins from other mods.
  6. Quick update! Due to some IRL stuff I have not made much progress recently and I will be busy the next couple of days but I should be able to get this working and near release within the next week or so! (Not making any promises... Not entirely sure how much free time I'll have but I'm hoping that everything'll work out for me! ) P.S. @CheeseNuggets101's character mods (including SW characters) will all be compatible with this upon its release! (As of right now I believe it is only Engineer and Medic that are compatible but I'm sure Cheese has plenty of time to update Spy and the SW characters before I get around to finally finishing this and releasing it to the public )
  7. This mod is for more advanced modders! I wouldn't recommend this for a first-time modder sadly.. :C But with time I'm sure if you keep making mods you'll get to the point where a lot of this makes sense! ^-^
  8. Quick update! Nothing really new to add to this but I have now fully and "properly" programmed the way for modded characters to show up at the portal! (The first images were just a cheap test run editing some local variables in the official files to see what I needed to get done) What's left to do? Getting the mod to shut itself up and do absolutely nothing when getting into the actual game. Making the custom Modded Skin inventory. Thank you all for being patient while I work on this to make sure it's perfect! P.S. @PanAzej was kind enough to help out in making a custom frame to be used in the modded skin inventory specifically for the Modded Skin rarity! c: Thx, dude!
  9. Like this! Still working on it! Only just now got in some Modded Skins support! Also, here's a little sneak preview at the new inventory! Oh yeah, and I managed to twist @SageOfLegend's arm and get him to sneak out some updates to his character mods! They will indeed be compatible with this automatically once it goes public!
  10. Yes, it fully puts in the modded character as if it were an official character!
  11. Yeah, let's move back on topic xD (but real quick wanna mention that his triumphant is actually going to be redone when we get to putting in his triumphant skin! :P)
  12. Good news! I got mod characters to show at the portal!
  13. Got to test it! As of right now? No, they don't show up at the portal... I'll just have to update the menu code to do that!