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Suggestions on what to draw/request drawing posts (Loop's random post)

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Hey everyone! Loop's here again~


I made another topic just for all the requested and suggested drawings you guys may give me. It will help me on mastering the characters and monsters for the incoming Don't Starve manga that I and geni are making and mastering some characters to help for future drawings to come


So drop your requests and suggestions on what to draw here like a bomb 8D



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A shadow creature about to descend upon Wendy and Abigail protects her (abigail looking human, not pacman/ghosty)


If possible red glowly effects coming from abigails eyes (since she turns red when attacking) and if she had some type of aura/outline where it almost looked like she was inside a white version of the shadow creature i think that would be a good contrast to defending Wendy from a shadow.  White vs Black etc

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