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Fix lag on servers!

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Hey @FameFortuneGold! Long time no see! So, even if it's green, it still has lag because of the ping... If your ping is like in single digits then it won't be much of an issue (and that would be like finding a unicorn!) but if it's like 50+ then some lag will still be present...


even when were both green I get bitten by spiders too far away

Like a screen's distance or like 2 steps?


I would like to call upon @rezecib the magical coding dragon!!

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@FameFortuneGold, Try playing without action prediction. You can turn it off temporarily with the console command:


If you find that to be a better experience, you can turn it off more permanently by editing data/scripts/prefabs/player_common and setting USE_MOVEMENT_PREDICTION to false at the top (sometimes patches will overwrite this, though).


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I have been testing it in both DS and DST (on my own server) by fighting different mobs. It doesn't matter whether movement prediction is on or off, DST foes seem to have much greater attack ranges than their DS counterparts. I check the prefabs files, they should have the same hit range, theoretically, but they don't, as it appears on the screen.


There is something other than the internet or the movement prediction or computer specs that is causing this lag.

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