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Game Update 127317 - 2/18/2015

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Game Update 127317 - 2/18/2015


  • Player skeletons will now decay after 10 days
  • Added profiler improvements to better analyze server degradation
  • We now log more information to analyze startup crashes that some users experience
  • Steam “played with” now works on Dedicated Servers.
  • DualShock4 controller icons on all platforms. Xbox360 controller icons on OSX and Linux.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash in the mods screen when accepting “Clean All” with a controller
  • Inventory bar no longer processes controller input while hidden
  • Temporarily disabled snapshots by default on Dedicated Servers in order to address some performance issues.
To force enable, in settings.ini, under [network] add:
enable_snapshots = true
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Is there already a feature just like this skeleton decay that will have items decay after a few days?


i really want to keep hosting for my friends, but I don't really have a beefy comp, and usually when I start a new world for them, i'm shown as a "good host"; however, when later on the world in say, day 100 or so, i'm shown as a "bad host", and they begin to lag often.


I understand that you guys had said that server hosts should just have better pc specs, but perhaps decaying item drops would help against this sort of thing?

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Yeah Id love having items left on floor decay. Have so much food rot, twigs, flint etc that rarely gets touched.

Have it as an option. Allow us to set the days etc. If a piece of dropped nitre/rot/twig/tools has been on the floor 100 days its likely not needed.

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Could skeleton decay please be an option for player hosted servers? Personally, I don't want decay at all because skeletons tell stories. I love walking through Wilderness worlds and examining all the skeletons. If I can't do that anymore, I'd at least like to be able to do so on my own servers. An option would be highly appreciated. Keep up the great work! Kiss. Mwuh.

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