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The puppet and the puppet master (fanfiction)

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Nimra    653

Welcome to my fanfiction.This story is not based on any cannon facts it is of my own creation.It is also one of my first professional writing projects so feedback is appreciated. Well enough of all that lets get on with the story.


Disclaimer: I do not own Don't starve or any of the characters involved. They are the property of Klei Entertainment and I don't profit in anyway from this story.



Chapter 1 ~ A new pawn


Wilson lies comfortably in his bed, thinking about his experiment was it bad or good, should or shouldn't he; his short tests seem to have gone fine, but he didn't know if a longer one would be OK. Wilson drifted back in to sleep.


But unbeknownst to him the machine was choosing for him, it whirred into life, and as it did a deep blue, black portal that seems to slowly pulsate in and out like a heart beat, opened up in the ground. Hands rose and hovered above the floor, then a man ascended from the portal and strolled about looking at the bottles and machines, he walks into Wilson bedroom and looks down on him. The shadow hands waited at the door seemingly held back by something.


The figure looks Wilson over and says ”he will do fine; a new pawn for my chessboard hahaha!” the man snaped his fingers and strided away as he does the hands at the door were released as if what ever was holding them back vanished. The hands shot into the room and grabbed Wilson. He woke with a start, dreams of fantastic potions and prize wining machines ripped away. Wilson looked around, but all he could see were shadows, as he watched they seemed to grab his arms and legs with a tight grip, he struggled trying to pull them free but the abnormal strength of the shadow hands was superior.


Wilson was dragged in to the portal and began to fall faster and faster, the speed making Wilson feel sick and giving him a headache as if somebody was bashing him over the head with a hammer repeatedly. It become so bad Wilson couldn't take it his eyes fluttered open and shut; they felt like weight, there was nothing he could do but give in and let darkness take him.


But as he did he hears a voice “hey pal, my name is Maxwell you are about to play my game.What a wonderful time I am going to have watching you, my challenges are not going to be easy so ready your self I hope you pass them well actually I don't but who cares. Oh last thing before I go we will meet again soon, and I have a gift for you it will help you in the future; double my entertainment and let me keep and 'eye' on you.” the word eye seems to echo around Wilson's mind. It couldn't be good.

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Nimra    653

Chapter 2 ~ The same but different



It was light outside, but Wilson kept his eyes closed 'what a horrid nightmare! well at least it was just a nightmare' he thought to himself. Eventually, he decided to get up and start some more experiments on the machine, but as he did he felt something hop on to his chest. Wilson's eyes opened and found himself face to face with a crow. It stared at him for a second, before cawing loudly and flying away. Wilson bolted upright. He was in a dark forest, the looming trees surrounding him seem to have angry faces, and as he sat there he could have sworn he saw eyes flickering in the shadows. Wilson had the overwhelming feeling of being watched.


The gentleman scientist thought about the things that 'Maxwell' had said. Playing his game? Hard challenges?

And a gift that would help him in the future; double his entertainment and let him keep and 'eye' on him? Wilson didn't know what this all meant, but he did know that this wasn't a nightmare; it was all to real

'indeed it is hehe'


Wilson jumped to his feet and shouted “Who's there? what do you want?”

'Oh nothing. I'm just here just to keep an eye on you, my name is Mycroft .' said the voice

Well if that is the case at least show your self like a gentleman”

'I can't do that, but I will give you the gist'.

A bolt of pain shot through Wilson head like a lighting bolt “So your in my head then, doesn't that mean you aren't real, just an hallucination?”

You could say that, haha, but I am not in your brain, I am somewhere else ,but you are close haha.” the voice said mysteriously

Mycroft then explained that he was the worst things about Wilson, that he was the guy that didn't care if people got hurt as long as they got a result, but then Wilson moved on, so he left and went where all the dark personalities go... to Maxwell and that's where he stayed, and became pretty good 'friends' with Maxwell.


So, your working for him then to spy on me.”

In a way, yes, he promise me that if you fail I can have your body all to myself ,haha, that is the main reason I am here, but don't let that keep you down we can still be friends hehehehe.”

hmmm 'nice'” Wilson said sarcastically

Well I'm sure you have things to do, haha, so I'll be off but before I go, two important pieces of advice ,hehheh, one: you need a fire at night and don't let it go out.”

Why? Is there something out there?”

You will know soon enough, hehe, two: don't try to get away with out doing the challenges. I will be watching and reporting, also Maxwell him self does pop in now and then. Just shout if you need anything I will be seeing you bye bye, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.”


The laugh seemed to echo for ever inside Wilson's head before disappearing. He was alone again. 'Well I might as well get a fire started before the sun goes down.' So Wilson gathers some sticks and soon enough he had a roaring fire and thank god, because the sun was completely gone now.


As the inventor sat down he thought to himself 'How did I get my self in to this. I need to gear up and start to explore this world. There must be some way out....' As he thought this, he chucked another bunch of twigs on to the fire. It crackled and hissed as the twigs ignited. Wilson turned over, and as he gave in to sleep, he was sure that he saw a pair of huge white eyes open in the darkness and a massive mouth that slowly turned in to a devilish grin, as if to say 'I'm waiting'.

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Nimra    653

Chapter 3 ~ A new adventure begins



It was daybreak. A dewdrop dripped down a leaf and fell onto Wilson's face. He woke with a start the air was misty and cold, rain covered everything, Wilson's fire was out but still smoking. He sat on the ground holding his knees and thought to himself 'Hmm must have rain last night. Lucky I was under a tree. What am I going to do? I am never getting out of here, I am going to die here alone and cold!.....Wilson P. Higgsbury! What are you thinking, you're a scientist get a grip man! This is your element! Make a weapon and a backpack, then you can explore your surroundings. OK lets go!'


Higgsbury stood up, stretched and picked a direction to go. As he did his mind started to work making plans, how he wanted everything to fit together, and how it was going to look once made. Wilson felt like he was back at home; It made him feel happy.

'Aww such lovely thoughts! Poor Wilson haha, how did you sleep? Well?' Mycroft said devilishly

“well enough... What are you doing here? I didn't call you”

'No you didn't. I'm here because there's something I need from you, hehe, so I am going to borrow it'

“What do you want to borrow?”said Wilson warily


After saying this, everything went blurry, then black. Wilson felt like he was leaving his body. He seemed to be hovering above the land; he could see so far. As he looked around, he saw a light blinking in the distance. He 'flew' over a hill and down to what he thought was a swamp. It ended and there it was, a house-well, more of a shack-Wilson didn't know why, but he knew he needed to go there, then he was falling.


“HAHAHA Wilson stoped laughing, confused Where am I?”

he looked around, confused. A black hole was just vanishing from the ground, as if some shadow hands had just been there. Where was he? It seemed to be a cave; a small waterfall spilled into a pool a little way off, making a relaxing tinkling sound. Stalactites and stalagmites littered the floor and ceiling. A tiny light shined in the distance; the way out! Wilson was surprised to find he was holding a rudimentary sword and a backpack. He started walking towards the exit, wondering as he did, what had happened 'Well Mycroft said he wanted to borrow something... Then I blacked out and had that dream.....Did he borrow my body and make this stuff for me? Then why the cave? Was he talking to somebody? hmm when we meet again, me and him need to have a good talk, but right now I need to get to that shack. There's something there I need...'


The fancy man strolled out of the cave-blinded a bit by the change in light. He was on the side of a hill, the barren forest just below him. 'If I go to the top, I might be able to see where to go next' So Wilson started hiking. It didn't take too long to get to the top. He was happy and scared to see that he was on the hill he saw before, and below was the swamp; dark and looming.


The sun was setting as Wilson set a fire and picked some of the berries that grew around the island. Sitting down, he ate the raw berries. They were barely enough to sustain him, but it was the only thing that he was able to find. He wondered if there was anything else out there-so far it had seemed barren. 'Maybe I'll just starve to death. No I will get out of here before then.' Wilson sighed. 'Just don't think about it; or you might just go nuts hehheh' Wilson chuckled to himself as he was looking into the distance half dreading and half anticipating the adventure ahead.

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Nimra    653

Chapter 4 ~ The argument



Wilson's eyes were open, he stared up into the gloomy sky watching the gray clouds as they passed by. Slowly, he felt relaxed for once like nothing else could go wrong.
"Hey pal, don't think you've had the pleasure of meeting me, well at least not when you were conscious I am-”
“Maxwell. I know. People have told me. Well, while you’re here I have some questions! Will you ever let me go?!” Wilson inturupted angily.
“I think you know the answer to that.”
“Why?! What is the point? What do you get out of this?”
“Entertainment, my dear fellow. Watching what you do is so interesting.”
“What sort of monster are you?!”
“A bored one.”

YOU!….Your nothing but....but.. a sad little man with a forgotten past and no future!”
HOW DARE YOU! YOU INSOLENT LITTLE PIG!” As Maxwell shouted the sky seemed to go dark. Shadow hands grabbed Wilson. They started pulling Wilson’s arm back in the wrong direction. The hands kept going until his arm felt like it was going to snap, and he couldn’t hold it in anymore. He let out a peircing scream.
 Maxwell stopped shouting, leaned in close, and whispered “Consider yourself lucky. The nine before you are all dead, but the world did not kill them all. My patients is short and wears thin quickly. Now for your rudeness, a punishment.”

 The hands on Wilson’s arm dug there claws deep into his flesh and ripped down along the length of his arm cutting it to ribbons. Maxwell snapped his fingers and they vanished, and Wilson dropped to the floor, blood soaking his white undershirt a deep crimson.
“Ow, that looks bad. Here have this; Wouldn’t want you to die so soon” Maxwell gave a cruel laugh and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Wilson, through hazy vision looked at the thing Maxwell had dropped. It was some kind of concoction. Not liking the thought of drinking it, but not having much choice, he gulped it down. Wilson gaged at the foul taste; like stale fruit and old fish. He gasped out in pain as his skin began to knit it's selves back together, but he was still losing a lot of blood.

 Wilson knew that he needed to clean it off-or he could get an infection. He got to his feet, a bit shakily, and started to look around for something he could use as a bandage and some water. He found a small spring with moss hanging above. Wilson cleanched his teeth as he cleaned his arm in the water, and bundled some of the moss together and tied it with a vine he found in a low hanging tree. ‘Simple, but affective now I need to get going to the swamp.’ Wilson walked steadily but carefully and in no time at all, was standing at the edge of the swamp. He walked on, over the bogs border, set on the gole, unaware that hidden things were waiting for him.       


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Nimra    653

Chapter 5 ~ Near death


Wilson struggled through the mud, still seething with rage from the conflict he had just had with Maxwell.

“I hate you! How could you do this to anybody AARRGG!”

While he shouted, he picked up a rock and was going to hurl it as far a he could, but he dropped it as his hand and arm throbbed with pain.

'well at least I can feel pain' Wilson thought bitterly but he was worried. He had cleaned it and bound it up, but he could only move the fingers a tiny bit, which he knew wasn't a good sign. Probably nerve damage, maybe permanent.


He walked for what felt like hours in silence then out of no where started singing a tune:

“hoooooo Wilson you have to keep going this is your traveling song

I know your feet hurt and you've been walking so long

ho Wilson move it along because this is your traveling tune

stroll forward and hopefully you will be there sooooon”

Wilson burst out laughing at the song he'd just made up

'hehe that was so bad haha'


Feeling happier than before Wilson marched forward with renewed purpose, forgetting his anger and concentrating on walking through the thick sludge. SWISH! Wilson turned around quickly but there was nothing behind him SQUELCH! He turned again, but still nothing. Wilson broke into a run, wary of what he heard, but he slipped and fell flat on his face. The gentleman scientist turned to see what had tripped him, and a huge purple tentacle exploded out of the ground. It towered over him, slime dripping from it's bulk, three razor sharp pointed spikes gleaming in the light. Wilson scrabbled back to his feet and charged of into the swamp. Or he would have if he'd been quick enough. The tentacle slashed down and hit Wilson square on. Pain jolted through his arm but he quickly retaliated with a swing of his spear, slicing the monster in two. The battered man cried out in victory, taking no notice of the purple-ish gore that covered him

“HA! Take that you brute!”


As he bellowed, a tentacle rose up behind him and grabbed his leg trying to drag him down in to the earth Wilson slashed out with his spear it hit but the beast still kept coming more tentacles sprung out of the mud. He dispatched the one on his leg but another one swiftly stabbed its spikes in to his back the pain was unbearable and he collapsed back to the floor.


The monster took it's chance and tied its self around him and started to squeeze the life out of him. Something had to give. SNAP! CRUNCH! Wilson's ribs broke under the pressure. It continued pulverizing his vital organs. He couldn't breath, his vision was fuzzy, and so much blood was draining from his body. He closed his eyes and let his spear drop to the ground. A mocking voice entered in to Wilson's head 'well, well, it looks like you lose. Such a pity. You could have been a lot of fun. At least I get to watch this'


Wilson felt his last breath leave him. The tentacle thrashed him back and forth, but another attacked the winner for the prize. As they fought, Wilson dropped to the floor barely breathing. A loud shriek pierces the silence, and the tentacles shriveled back into the swamp, as a mountainous queen spider came crawling over the hill. She spotted Wilson lying on the ground. It clattered over and picked him up.

'Interesting twist haha' Wilson heard through his cloudy head.

The queen started to drag him towards it's nest and down into the darkness below 'Wait no! I can't go down there AARRGG come back' Wilson's consciousness faded as he was pulled into the waiting shadows below.

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Nimra    653

This is a good start! <3 You did a fantastic job and poor Wilson... Can't wait for the next chapter~ :grin:


thanks hope you are enjoying the story so far.Your drawings are so cool especially Maxwell (my favorite)  :wilson_ecstatic:

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thanks hope you are enjoying the story so far.Your drawings are so cool especially Maxwell (my favorite)  :wilson_ecstatic:



Yes I do enjoy reading your story~ The suspense is killing me to be honest aha. Oh and thanks~ Maxwell needs the love~ \(OuO)/

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Nimra    653

Yes I do enjoy reading your story~ The suspense is killing me to be honest aha. Oh and thanks~ Maxwell needs the love~ \(OuO)/


thanks, writing the newest chapter right now, there are some new charters coming.


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Nimra    653

Chapter ~ 6 And the curtains close


Wilson woke with a start, his ribs ached and he couldn't feel his right arm. He looked around. He was in a room -well a tent- with clothes scatted around, there was fire in little pots lighting the place up, Wilson looked down to his surprise he wasn't wearing a top. He wondered where he was.

click click hello click


Wilson whipped round and cricked his neck.

'ow' he rubbed his neck.

There, sitting in a charred wooden chair next to him, was a human-shaped spider chittering away. Suddenly, a girl with black pigtails busted into the room, brandishing a lighter.

“WHAT?!...WHAT is going on? Webber? Is he hurting you? If he is I swear I will burn his face off!...oh sorry it was you, guess Webber can be scary to wake up next too, hee you screamed like a girl”

Wilson was staring wide eyed at Webber.

“wow you look pale what's wrong?”

“i-i don't like s-s-spiders”

“really? That's a bit girly. OK Webber could you go”

The spider-thing looked a bit sad and left the tent.

“so, how ya feeling? You were in pretty bad shape when Queen brought you down, weren't sure if you were going to survive”

“i-i-i......Wait, how is this possible? Maxwell told me everybody was dead!”

“And you believed him. Look, if you want to know the truth put this on and come out side”

She handed Wilson his shirt and waistcoat, then left the tent. She lent her head back in and said

“oops nearly forgot, my names Willow.”


She left again, and Wilson got dressed and went outside. There was a group of people sitting by a roaring fire. As he approached, a tall blond lady with a flower woven into her hair spoke with a soft voice.

“Welcome to your new home, I'm Wendy, this is Willow, Wes and Webber”

“really? Maxwell told me there was nine before me”

“yes he's right, but they aren't here anymore. You said you wanted to know the story. I 'll tell you from the start, please sit”

Wilson sat on a rather comfortable seat, that seemed to be made out of silk, and she explained.


It had all started with a man and his dream, William Carter was his name and his dream was to be the greatest magician that ever lived. He started his career with bad luck; nobody seemed to care for his magic. Then one day he met Charlie, a dancer at the club he was doing his next performance at, and he fell in love with her the moment their eyes met and she did too. She believed in him and quite her job to become his assistant.


William said that she was his good luck charm, and he must have been right. They boomed in popularity and soon the Great Maxwell and his assistant Charlie found there way into the best of the best, but people were starting to get bored no matter how much he changed his act. Every night he tried to think of exciting new things to do, but he was running out of ideas. One evening there was a knock on his door and he open it, frustrated at the distraction, and angry when there was nobody out side. But something glinted on the ground in the street light, sitting there was a aged black book with a red M on it. William looked around suspiciously, then picked the book up and went inside, over a week went by and everybody was talking about the best magic group; There acts were so realistic.


At the same time, Charlie had noticed a change in Carter, he seemed more confident than before. She was a bit worried about him, but these thoughts vanished from her mind when at the end of one of there performances he asked her to marry him,

and she said with glee in her voice “yes, of course I will”.

Soon enough, Wendy and her twin sister Abigail came into the world. They were so close, until the accident; The only thing left was the flower from Abigail's hair. Charlie wanted to stop work to look after Wendy, but William didn't want to. He had changed even more than before, some times resulting in violence against her and smoking cigars. But then out of the blue, he turned around and said that he was going to retire; He had enough money so they could live happily. But he said that they were going to go out with the most fantastical performance that anybody had ever seen.


The night arrived, Wendy was with a babysitter watching from home. The act was coming to an end the lights went dark, the finale bit was about to happen; But something went wrong. Darkness covered everything, shadow hands picked up chairs and other thing chucking them around, people were running in panic left and right. Most people got out just before the building collapsed. Wendy was taken to an orphanage, her parent assumed dead, though no body's were found. She grew up into a young lady and left the orphanage, knowing her parents weren't dead and set out to find them. Four months past and nothing, then she found out where they had all lived before. It had been boarded up, but Wendy found a way in. Everything was left as if somebody was living there, but dust and cobwebs covered everything, the determined girl came to a room that had a sign on it that said 'William Carter's privet study keep out!'


She opened the door. It was pristine, nothing like the rest of the house, there was a desk with a chair behind it and a book seemed to be floating above it. She walked in cautiously and opened it. The book talked of shadow realms and great powers, given to who ever was willing to make a deal with 'them', the door slammed behind Wendy. A man was standing there.


“Hello..... what are you doing here? having a nice read were we?” the man said sarcastically.

The depraved girl thought 'who is this guy, and what is he doing here'

“sorry how rude of me, my names Maxwell” he gave an elegant bow.

She stared at him, then something clicked “....father....”

Maxwell stared back, then his expression and posture changed.

“Wendy, honey, is that you? you grew up so well. Oh no.... Why are you here!? You don't know what danger you're in! You need to leave now!”

“But why? We just met. I want to know everything about you”

“You might want to know me, but you don't want to know him, or 'them' so get out of here!”

He suddenly fell to the ground seemingly in pain.

He's coming back, you need to go now.”

She nodded and ran for the door, but before the pale girl could get there something grabbed Wendy leg holding her upside down in the air.

“You didn't think you would get away so easily did you? HAAHAA let the game begin.”

Then she was dragged into the void, and woke up alone and cold the next day.


Months past and Wendy had made a under ground home, Maxwell seemed to not be able to get there. Soon more people arrived, forced to play his game, and she rescued them before something bad happened. Soon they all lived happily together. Wendy, Wolfgang, Wickerbotttom, Wigfrid, Woodie and Willow they had a good life but still.


Wickerbottom was the first to leave them, time took her, Wolfgang disappeared when hunting for food, then Maxwell found them. He send wolves, tentacles and shadows to destroy them and their home. The monsters succeeded, and only two escaped. Woodie and Wigfrid defended Wendy and Willow as they got away, they never seen again. They were alone in a hostile world. The two of them were lucky and met Webber. He let them move in with him and his family, it took a long time but they rebuilt and continued to save people, even through the past events.


“Now we have a lovely family once again”Wendy finished

“well that's are story, I hope you like your new home”

“new home? I can't stay, there's some place I need to get to”

“Are you sure? it's dangerous up there alone”she said glancing up

“well, you can stay here as long as you like, for now it's time for bed.”

As Wilson lay in a comfortable bed, he thought of just staying here... no, he needed to go to that shack. There was something he needed there, before he would take Maxwell on to try to get out of here.


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Nimra    653

*throws up*


Can i ask if this is bad or good?


Also what would you say to a story all about a Tallbird?

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Auth    10060


Can i ask if this is bad or good?


Also what would you say to a story all about a Tallbird?



yes good


make the story



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Nimra    653

Chapter 7 ~ On the other hand


Wilson yawned, it was early but he couldn't get back to sleep. He'd been awake for a while thinking, and he absent-mindedly scratched his face. As he did he felt small black hairs all over his chin. 'Oh great. A beard, and I can't even shave it' he sighed,

“hello....are you awake?”

Wilson sat up. Wendy was standing by the entrance

“yes, I'm awake, I can't sleep”

“Me neither. Want to talk?” Wendy asked hopeful

“I guess.”


Wendy walked in and sat down on Wilson's bed,

“So.....Maxwell's your father”

“NO! Maxwell is not my father. William Cater is. I know he's still in there..... somewhere” Wendy said angrily.

“So you want to save him then?”

“Yes I would do anything to help him. I need to tell you that we found strange marks around your right eye, so I let my sister look at you. She saw a black mass behind it.”


“What?” Wendy said puzzled

“Oh, he's my head”

“Shadow personality. Maxwell uses them to keep an eye on you.”

“Yeah......So do you think that my wounds will heal?” Wilson said worried

“They're all ready healed. We uses some spider glandes on them, but your arm wouldn't”

Wilson looked down and thought of the shadow arms ripping it apart.

“Maxwell did it”

“I thought so, you might lose movement in it”

“....I know....”

They sat in silence for a while then a bell dinged outside.


“Wes must have made breakfast”

They walked out together and sat down, everybody else was sat around the fire Wes handed them bowls with porage in them,

“Wilson and Wendy sitting in a tree K,I,S,S,I,N,G” Willow sung

Wes mimed laughing

Webber looks confused


Wendy and Wilson looked at each other then burst out laughing, Wilson is so happy to be laughing after the past few days, they wiped tears for their eyes and started to talk about funny stories that had happened to them.

Wilson told one of when a poison he made exploded making his face green for a week, Wes mimed one of the time he put his make-up on up side down.


Wendy asked if Wilson would like a tour,

“Lets go”

she showed him everybody's sleeping quarters, where Mother spider lived, which Wilson polity refused to go inside, the kitchen but Wes pushed them out, miming that he needed quiet when making food. As they strolled around Wilson liked the place more and more.

“Where are we going next?”

“To the armory. You need gear”

they walked to a large tent. Weapons littered the walls,

she said that Wilson could have which ever one he wanted.

Wilson searched through the weapons, he found a new backpack he liked but still no sword. Then he saw a black sword with a purple gem in the hilt, he swung it around 'yeah this is my sword' Wilson walked out looking around for Wendy.


“HEY! A rouge monster has been spotted in the tunnel, come on we're going to hunt it down”

“OK...let's go”

Wendy and Wilson walked down it to the tunnel, it was dark but they both had torches so it was actually a nice walk, then Wendy pipped up and asked

“So how did you get here then?”

Wilson explained, that he wrote to lots of different scientist and did his own experiments; a simple life, but Wilson loved it. Then one night he was sitting by his fire reading his book with the grammar phone on low, when a voice came out of it and told Wilson that, if he followed it's instructions, he could build the best machine of his carer. Wilson followed it's advise to ruin.

“There you go, a laps of judgement left me here”

“I am sure he would have found another way to get you here”

“You're probably right.”

A CRACK rent the air, the floor that Wilson was standing on disappeared, and he fell. The gentleman scientist was able to hang on to his torch but bashed his damaged arm and yelled out with pain, landing in a heap.


“Are you OK?!” Wendy shouted down the hole,

“yeah. I just hit my arm”

Wilson looked around the walls were high, and with his busted arm he would never be able to climb back up.

“I think the tunnel you're in leads to the bottom of a river. There's a ladder that you could climb. See you there!”

Wilson started walking. His arm ached.

“WHY IS THE ONLY THING YOU CAN DO IS HURT ME?!” he yelled at his arm,

and the noise echoed around the cave then sounds that definitely wasn't an echo screeched though the cave, 'the rogue monster' Wilson ran after the noises. He turned a corner at the end of the tunnel. As he did a black thing jumped on him,and started crushing his bad arm


Wilson thrashed out with his new sword. He hit, the gash in the monsters side glooped out black gunk everywhere, Wilson kept hacking until the creature screamed and ran back up the tunnel it came from. Wilson followed, but lost the thing in the winding cave system, just as the scientist thought he was lost, he heard a whimpering sound round the next corner.


Quietly, he looked around to see what it was. The 'thing' was licking it's wounds, then it put it's claw on something on the ground and disappeared. Wilson whipped around the corner, but the shadow thing was completely gone. Then he spotted a black goop on the ground that, as he looked at it, pulsed. Wilson seemed to be hypnotized by the gloop, as he held his damaged arm out. He didn't want to pick it up; He knew that it was bad, but he couldn't stop him self. His hand closed around it, and Wilson's heart felt as if it had started to beat at the same time as the goop pulsated in and out. He stared at the it and as he did it to sunk down in to his arm, then it stopped half way and Wilson felt dizzy. Then pain all the way up his arm, the worst thing Wilson had ever felt, like thousands of needles being stabbed in to it over and over again. The gloop started to extent up and down his arm, turning it black but as if it were made out of fog or shadow, with sharp elongated finger. Then the pain was gone, and Wilson collapsed, drained of energy.


“What the hell was that?!”

He went to clasp his head but instead jumped, his arm was still the way it was before. Wilson flexed the finger, 'yep defiantly my hand...Well at least I can uses it again, but this is so weird' then a shout echoed down the tunnel.


Wilson got up a bit shakily and ran to her voice,

“Are you OK?” Wendy said scared

“yes and no”

“what do you mean?”

Wilson reached the top of the ladder, and held up his arm

“oh my....How did that happen?”

Wilson told her what happened.

“Well, at least your OK. Let go back to camp” Wendy said relieved,

as they walked back. Wilson examined his new arm, they got back to camp quickly.


Everybody was sitting around the roaring fire, Willow ran over and hugged Wendy

“Thank god your safe, we were worried we were going to AAAAAAAA!”

Willow jumped back staring at Wilson's arm,

“what happened?!”

Wilson told everybody, what happened in the caves

“cool! I want one” said Willow excitedly, not a afraid any more

she pick Wilson arm up and started looking at it,

“leave him alone” Wendy said angrily

Willow looked annoyed but let go.

“I think I can get rid of it,”

“Wait, then I'll never get one if you get rid of his”

Wes mimed something that looked like, he was agreeing with Willow.

Everybody started arguing, it soon turned to a shouting match.



“SHUT UP!!!!!” Wilson shouted.


Everybody fell silent,

“I want to keep the arm, it's far better than what I had before”

Willow and Wes cheered. Wendy glared. But soon everybody was friends again, and as they ate they chatted, soon one by one they all went off to bed. Wilson laid there admiring his new arm, wondering what he could do with it. 'I am liking this place more and more but I have to go tomorrow. It's hard to leave a place that feels so much more like home, than my real home ever felt like. Maybe it's best if I leave before anybody wakes up tomorrow' Wilson yawned deeply and turned over falling asleep as he did.


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Nimra    653

Chapter 8 ~ The adventure ends


Wilson found him self in his old house 'how did I get here?' he thought, then from all the corner in the room, shadow hands burst forth scratching him and pulling him down in to the darkness. Wilson woke with a start from his slumber 'damn it a nightmare, well at least I'm awake lets pack,' Wilson chucked some bits and bobs from around the room into his backpack. And putting it on he left his tent quietly, as he was backing out he heard a noise behind him, fearing the worst he turned.


Standing right behind him was Willow and Wes,

“what are you doing?” Willow said seriously

Wes mimed something a long the lines of, 'I think he is trying to leave with out waking us up.'

“He's right” Wilson said sadly

“Wendy is going to be mad when she finds out, so I am not going to tell her neither will Wes,”

Wes nodded.

Wilson glanced at Wendy's tent, Willow looked at where Wilson was looking

“she's going to miss you, she enjoyed somebody to talk to that was her age.”

Wilson didn't say anything, just kept looking at the tent

“that's your way of saying you like, her isn't it”

“WHAT!” Wilson sighed.

“Told you Wes, pay up”

Wes gave Willow something Wilson couldn't see,

Wes mimed 'don't worry we won't say anything. Right Willow?' She nodded

“well hopeful I'll see you soon.”


Wes and Willow waved as Wilson walked off to the rope, he climbed it and was soon back in the swamp, he took one last longing look at the cave then continued on his journey. Soon the cave was completely out of site, and Wilson was concentrating on looking for any signs of the shack, then a familiar sound past through the air. Wilson jumped out of the way just in time, as the tentacle smashed down where he had just been, Wilson slashed the monster with his sword but it just fazed it. Then it came in for the next attack, as this was happening more tentacles were appearing all around



As Wilson shouted he felt his arm pulsate with power, then out of no were a shadow monster appeared, it was huge with a body shape a bit like a ladybug, but it had a long sharp horn on it head. It slashed the tentacle and ripped it in two, the others stopped in there tracks seeing what had just happened to there buddy, they decide to run diving underneath the dirt and back into the swamp.


The shadow turned stared at Wilson, he stared back at it

“so, your not going to hurt me then?”

he thought for a second,

“well you need a name how about Tank.”

Wilson asked if it would move away, and back towards him again, Tank did so willingly.

'So your mine' he looked at his new arm

“I guess this is you”

he looked up, to see the shadow moving towards him, and vanishing back into his arm.

“Well...that's going to be fun to play with”

Wilson walked on, starting to give up hope of ever finding the shack, he looked at the sun; and saw that it was all ready half way across the sky. He looked back down, and was shock to see another shadow had appeared, it had tall legs and long spines on it's back. It was pointing to the right,

“are you sure?”

it pointed harder



Wilson followed the shadow that he named scout, for what felt like for ever, then they came to a hill and there on top was the shack.

He was about to say thanks to scout, but it had all ready vanished, Wilson started to climb up the hill.

Hello my dear Wilson, and what are we up to?”

“Hello Mycroft,”

aww there's no need to be so stern, or is this about last time we talked, I'm sorry I needed your body I had things I needed to do hahaha.” He said patronizingly

“what things, what did you do with my body!?”Wilson said angrily

Oh you don't need to know.....Well well it seems I have been missing lots of fun,”

“stay out of my head!”

How can I when I'm in it hahahha, you know I really should tell Maxwell that there are a group of people still alive, right under his nose.”

“Don't you dare, or I swear I will”

Wilson holds his sword up to his eye

so you figured out where I am, are willing to do this fine I'm at your mercy. But you know Maxwell could just read you mind like I do.”

“Can you block it?”

yes...Oh a deal, well it seems I don't have much choice, but why are you so desperate?”

Wilson felt a jolt of pain in his head,

don't try to keep thing from me it just hurts you. Going after Maxwell are we”

a pause of silence Wilson wonders if Mycroft's gone, then

I'm in, I will help you in turn you won't gouge me out, and I get to see Maxwell burn. Sounds good to me, well I have to go lie too Maxwell now see you hehehe.”


Silence he's was gone 'well that went better than I was expecting,' Wilson reached the top of the hill, he pushed the door it creaked open the fancy man walked inside. It looked like a perfectly normal house inside, except that it had aged a thousand years. All the walls were covered in moss, it was even growing in the gaps of the stone floor, and the wooden furniture was broken and rotting. The fire place still had ash in it from a long gone fire, the place look like once it gave light and happiness; but now only sadness and dark, then Wilson spotted a trapdoor down.


He got a torch out lighting it and climbed down in to the hole, it was a tunnel, Wilson followed it. It widened into a large cavern, he looked around, it was like any other ordinary cavern, except for the strange door in the middle of the cave. Then Wilson recognized what it was, the door he had made under the guidance of Maxwell, somehow he knew that this one, like the other would take him closer to Maxwell. He walked over to see if he could find a lever, there over to the left of the machine it was, he ran closer to pull it.


He saw a skeleton lying next to it, with it's hands on the lever as if he was about to pull it, Wilson was afraid of what would happen if he pull it. But he knew if he didn't he would be stuck here for ever, so he pulled it down. A whirring sound came from the machine, then shadow hands rose up from the ground and grabbed Wilson, and pulled him down. Wilson felt as if his body was being crushed from all sides, all he could see was darkness with seconds of flashing light, Wilson's shut his eyes against the light.


Then the hands let go, Wilson flew through the air landing face first on the ground, he got up looking around and rubbing his face. The room if you could call it that, had dark walls as if there were none, and it just extended in to the void. There was nothing in the room except for a chair, as Wilson looked at it a voice seemed to say

“go on, sit.”

Wilson followed what it was saying, knowing he shouldn't but not being able to disobey what it said, he was just about to sit down when a voice echoed in the void.

“I wouldn't do that pal.”

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Coski    67

I read them all ! You are amazing , I love your stories , don't stop making them , I'm waiting for the Chapter 9 !

I really enjoy them !



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Nimra    653

I read them all ! You are amazing , I love your stories , don't stop making them , I'm waiting for the Chapter 9 !

I really enjoy them !




Thanks it's nice to know somebody can just jump in and get the story, chapter 9 is on its way don't want to spoil anything. But there is a Wilson, Maxwell chat coming and it's not friendly. :snarlingspider:

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