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Just bought the game and love it :D


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Hey all

First of all big thanks for klei entertainment for developing this great game :) And If something might sound odd please forgive me but English is not my native language.

I just bought the game and I must say it's really something else and I just love it. I was going to buy it long time ago but there was always some other game in the way. But since we all survived another end of the world I decided to finnaly buy it and I don't regret buying it a bit.

The atmosphere is great, animations look really good and funny (just love how main hero and animals run :D )

Graphic also look really good and animal/monster design looks brilliant and when I first time saw giant turky jumping out of the bush started to gobbl and run away I couldn't help but laugh :D

So far I'm on day 12 so I think it's good time to start to look for place to camp.

I only discovered small part of land but I was thinking about making camp site near pig village somewhere around this spot is this good idea ?

Cheers :)

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Hi there, I am pretty new to the game too and I agree it is very well done and fun. About the camp spot, I think you will have the best value for your money just trying it for yourself, discovering it for yourself, and in the worst case fail horribly. Stay away from help and wiki! It took me to day 260 to find out how to plant flowers and keep bees :)

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Welcome! If you have any feedback about the game so far, do be sure to post it. The developers regularly read and post in these forums, and they value player feedback.

Also, be sure to give the stickies a look. If you have any questions about Don't Starve's future, they may very well be answered in one of those threads.

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Hello! I'm new as well, just bought this a few days ago and I'm addicted to it.

I think your camp would be in a good spot. Good place to run to in case you want help with hound attacks, and beefalo and the grassland biome is nearby for meat/manure/hounds. This is where I'm camped out:


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Yep, they turn into werepigs on a full moon. Sorry I didn't include it in my post, it's because I never experienced it. Yep xD. And no, I'm not new.. it just seems if I based with pigs I'd be away / sleeping through full moon without even realizing it. Going to make a base in the pigmen village just to experience it :3

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