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  1. How about catching 20 rabbits alive, storing them away, then kill all at once? Or ten redbirds. Seems the easiest way to me, because raising a smallbird and running after pigs is time consuming... (and beefalos don't respawn and pigs run around and your naughty meter might drop faster than you can kill them)
  2. I always used three cooked carrots and a raw eggplant for the stuffed eggplant. Why carrots? Well seeds can be planted and might become a pumpkin, and a hot pumpkin is great against hunger. Popcorn stacks and is decent against hunger and also gives a little health. I gave the fruits (except the one for dragon pie) to the pigs for manure, so all that was left was the carrots.
  3. Same as Artem, but on day 420. After setting up a proper base and a pig village to defend me from hound attacks there was nothing left to do but plant flowers.
  4. Indeed, or riding on the shoulders of a pig. I am not a native speaker, but isn't it called piggy back ride or something like that anyway?
  5. Well as far as I know, she can sit down and look like a lvl1 nest, just like the treeguard can look like a tree when not aggro, but she is still the queen then. But once I left behind a queen, came back the next day and she had become a "real" lvl1 nest, so perhaps that is her lifecycle? I am not too experienced with the spider queen but those are my observations so far.
  6. I wish you could put the smallbird in the birdcage, just to protect it. Of course it would be a sad smallbird then, but better sad than dead? I don't know, Don't Starve ethics are complicated.
  7. I had a similar thing with poop. In the beginning of the current world I play, there is a spot in a grass habitat where about 45ish poop will spawn on top of each other after day three. I restarted the world three times, and it always happens. But after you pick them all up they never respawn again.
  8. I think it only looks like a lvl 1 den, meaning she was already a queen when you got there. Because when the queen "hides" she looks like a lvl 1 nest. I did see a lvl 3 nest convert into a queen, like in the promo video, and last but not least I saw a queen revert back into a real lvl 1 nest.
  9. I am into day fourhundredsumthin and never saw something like this , never saw more than prolly 8 hounds at once either.
  10. I had this too, on Steam, latest version, on win7-64 system. Some random tool creation window (the third tier, not the entire bar) keeps popping up when you pick up stuff (like for example a pinecone), as if the deselection the latest time I had used the toolbar did not work properly. What fixes this is saving, quitting and restarting/reloading. After that it is gone. I had this about three times total now, in all the time played so far, so it is pretty rare.
  11. Since an endless mode is planned, how about implementing some purely cosmetical rewards? Like for example a firework when you reach the night of day 365? Also, how about some purely cosmetical decorations like a makeshift fountain or a grandfather clock? Like something that would clearly not be needed for survivial and no sane person in the protagonists situation would ever make.
  12. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number ----- Issue title Bee pathfinding Steps to reproduce make patch of 10 flowers close together plant beehive wait until it happens Describe your issue Whenever patches of flowers are placed close together there is a chance that a bee will "spaz out" between two flowers. It looks like she is shaking fast from left to right. When you go to the flower patch and remove one flower manually the bee eventually continues with the normal collecting behavior. When the evening comes the bee will fly back to the beebox normally, even if she is "spazzed out" before. The next day the bee will not automatically return to the "bugged" flower, but instead collect nectar normally. So this bug does not have a huge effect on beekeeping, but you will eventually see it happen and notice it. I think the bee wants to go to a flower and is blocked by another flower? Or maybe she cannot decide to which flower to go when two are very close together? I cannot find the box with the version number, sorry. I play the spiderqueen update that just came out + hotfix. Sorry if this had been reported before.
  13. Hi there, I am pretty new to the game too and I agree it is very well done and fun. About the camp spot, I think you will have the best value for your money just trying it for yourself, discovering it for yourself, and in the worst case fail horribly. Stay away from help and wiki! It took me to day 260 to find out how to plant flowers and keep bees