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[Suggestion] Battle royale/Hunger games/Survival games mod(?)

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That will be really cool if there will be a mod like that.

imagine Wildreness mode with many players, that everyone start at the same point in circle surrenderd by chests with equipment, support and weapons. they will need to survive the longest. there is no time for base but they will need to survive by there own and maybe trust other people. but remember there is only one winner.


Based on Arma Battle royale mode/Hunger games movie/Minecraft Survival games mode.

please make this, this will be the most played mod ever and will be so fun!!

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@Isosurface, a lobby would be ideal for this, but there are some workarounds, such as freezing the players until x amount of time after the map has regenerated. Rezecib has gated players entering his maxwell directors mod world too. So it could be done with something like an in-game containment zone at the start of the round, and players that join after the game has started could be made to spawn as a ghost of something.


The dominion game mode in League of Legends uses a similar gating approach to allow all players to start at the same time while connecting/loading at various speeds.

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@PeterA, it would be nice if players who have joined after the game has started could still move around so they can spectate the game, without being able to interact with anything. If they spawned as ghosts, they could still haunt stuff and wreak havoc, especially on chests. Then again it would add an entertaining twist to the game! :razz:

While in the pre-game phase, players could be frozen in place on a circle pattern around the equippement chests, and then unfrozen, as you said, after x amount of time or when the game is full, just like the Hunger Games Fnly spoke of. :-)

Though if I end up making this mod, I will need help on that


Making a proper lobby with UI and everything could be done I think, but it would take a lot more work.

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