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  1. @absimiliard, You won't need to, the bug got fixed in the last update. (Also it's \32, not /32)
  2. @RedMattis, This method is obsolete. You can now directly specify a builder tag in Recipe; Recipe(<name>, {<ingredients>}, <tab>, <levels>, nil, nil, nil, nil, <builder tag>)
  3. @cezarica, Isn't that Wilson sitting on the Nightmare Throne from the adventure mode of DS?
  4. @Nofew, If you add '-console' to the launch options of the server, you can input commands in the shell, and so you can use c_announce(). There's also c_announce("message", [time in seconds]) for sending periodic messages.
  5. @Safey, Yeah, I noticed that too. I don't think there is a way to properly attach it to the tip of the tail without doing custom animation. Unless there is a "tip of the tail" symbol or something like that, but I can't really help you beyond that. Sorry!
  6. @Safey, Try this: inst.tailfire.Follower:FollowSymbol(inst.GUID, "tail", -60, -110, 0)
  7. @Safey, No, this goes in your Charmander's prefab, in master_postinit. torchfire already exists as a prefab, you just have to spawn it. You don't have to change anything about the anim folder. I'm not sure, because I've never used Spriter, but I think you have to put, instead of <symbol>, the name of the part of the character that you want the fire attached to. Maybe try "tail" ?
  8. @Safey, You could use the torchfire prefab, which holds the fire of the torch. You also get a neat particle effect bonus! Here's how you could do (this is how torches work): inst.tailfire = SpawnPrefab("torchfire")inst.tailfire.entity:AddFollower() -- adds follower attribute to the fireinst.tailfire.Follower:FollowSymbol(inst.GUID, <symbol>, 0, 0, 0)Now I have next to no experience with Spriter, so I don't know if there is a 'tail' symbol or something like that. But instead of <symbol>, you have to put the name of the symbol you want the fire to follow. Instead of '0,0,0' at the end, you can specify an offset to make the fire aligned with the tip of the tail. You might want to listen for the "ms_becameghost" and "ms_respawnedfromghost" events, to hide/show the fire when your character dies/is resurrected. You can use the same code as WX-78, it should work. You'll just have to add your own condition if the player is wearing a specific piece of clothing (the umbrella already does that for WX-78, negates all rain damage). Here's WX-78's code, which I modified to work with your character (to put above common_post init and master_postinit): And in master_postinit, what calls these functions: inst.damage_time = 3 -- same as WX-78inst:WatchWorldState("israining", onisraining) -- trigger health loss if it starts rainingonisraining(inst, TheWorld.state.israining) -- let's check right now, in case the player spawns and it already rains.I don't know what you consider dry clothing, so I made it so any body slot item that has the "waterproof" tag will render your character immune to rain damage.
  9. @DarkFenikkusu, The error happens in common_postinit, where you are trying access the 'combat' component. The combat component (and pretty much all other components except for a few, see rezecib's guide) doesn't exist on clients, that's why you get that error. common_postinit is executed on both the server and the clients. I'd suggest moving all the code related to combat in master_postinit, which is only executed server-side.
  10. @Foxrai, Just delete all the lines that deal with IsRecipeValid. They're not needed anymore. You don't even need to add require("widgets/widgetutil"). Then, assuming you're using the same code as rezecib, replace v.tagneeded = true with v.builder_tag = v.name.."_builder": local sortkey = -9000for k,v in pairs(recipes) do sortkey = sortkey - 1 v.sortkey = sortkey v.builder_tag = v.name.."_builder"endAlternatively, you could directly specify the tag in the Recipe definition: Recipe(<name>, {<ingredients>}, <tab>, <level>, nil, nil, nil, nil, "<name>_builder")
  11. @JadeKnightblazer, Indeed, you're right! Overriding IsRecipeValid is no longer necessary. They probably added that in anticipation of the RoG characters they might add at some point. Edit: Actually they are already using it for Wickerbottom's books.
  12. @JadeKnightblazer, Strange... I tested it and it works fine now. What does the error log say?
  13. @Foxrai, It seems the original IsRecipeValid got moved in the last update. It's now in widgets/widgetutil.lua. Try adding GLOBAL.require("widgets/widgetutil") in your modmain.
  14. @RainTheDemoham, Yeah, "The Lamb" and "A Deathly composition" are relatively easy. The harder one is "A Calm Serenade", but I think it's still doable.