Things that could maybe be added to Dont Starve

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1. Swords (An alternative to spears)

2. Different levels such as Caves New dimensions if possible.

3. Availability to make small huts.

4. New Armour like Gold and iron.

5. Be able to make multiple saves.

6. Weather changes such as Rain, Thunder and lighting

Note: All of these are just suggestions.

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Swords could be nice, but I feel that spears are somewhat unique. I also like how there's no bow and arrow but fire darts instead, too. It makes the game different and unique.

Meh, meh.. I guess not a bad idea, but I don't really want this game turning into something like minecraft; such as going underground into caves and digging, stuff like that. I like the current system of digging.

Small huts aren't such a bad idea, there is a huge suggestion about 'housing', I'd link you it but can't look for it now. I think it'd be a little op if you'd be safe there, so destructible houses; to sleep in it you'd need to say, use grass or something like that.

Mmmh. See, if Gold and Iron is added, I don't know.. I mean, yes it'd be good but it'd just kind of change the feel of this game really.

Yes, yes. I fully support the idea of multiple saves, like really; I'd like to have a world with a stable base on it, and a world to experiment and mess around, explore, check out new updates.

To be added as far as I know, along with seasons. // Nevermind, weather has never been official.

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I only used Minecraft as an example really since it's the first thing that came to mind when I thought about games that you dig stuff, this game is not at all like minecraft though. The caves could actually be pretty good, and golden nuggets, yeah - I guess you could make some armor with that, something to think about. And possibly upgraded spears? :3

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