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Help - LUA error

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I have just installed some mods with a friend, and then we would play on a server he host.
We have installed the exact same mods, and have maded the exact same configs, but when i join the game, i crash.
My friend can play without any probloms, but i crash every time i join


I have a screenshot of the error messeage.


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I have that problem too!  First I thought it was because I configured a mod, but when I set it back to default, I still got the error.
I don't know what it is and have yet to find out how to solve it. Haven't found an answer yet either :(

Hope you get a reply soon!

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  • Developer

@arkobat and @Elrotha, can you try disabling the Regeneration mod, and seeing if that fixes your issue?

If that doesn't fix your issue, can you try these steps from the mod's workshop page.




Important Announcement.
If you experience issue with the mod it may be resolved by going to this folder C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\save and delete the folder called mod_config_data . Both client and server may have to do this. If this does not resolve the issue please comment below. 
Alternatively go to mod menu, click configure mod on the regeneration mod. You should see the configuration setting, in the configuration setting in the bottom right corner hit reset. It will ask if you are sure, click yes. This may update the workshop configuration, if anyone tries this method please report back the result in the comment.
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  • Developer

@arkobat, I'm not sure of any other mods that disable sanity, but you should be able to update to the latest version of the Regeneration mod and re-enable it. I believe the developer has fixed the crash issue, but if that still fails, you should be able to get it working by deleting the folder called mod_config_data.

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