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Of my Industrial Resolution, Vol. 1

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Hey, do you remember those blueprints of strange lightning rods and weird constructs we found? Guess what I found today! A book, some sort of diary, and it talks about that stuff! I also found a third set of blueprints, but some is unreadable at the moment. I'll clean it in the next few days, and in the meantime you can study the writing here.


Of my Industrial Resolution

Volume 1



by the gentleman scientist


Chapter 1 - Discovery


I was standing there, one night, next to the lightning rod. Thunder had blessed me with temporary light. But then I had a greedily, but interesting idea.


I tried to capture and distribute the lightning on and to other rods the next morning. It seemed to function to a certain degree, but not well, and there was no aparent use.


But for the sake of science, I set off to an area with better resources. Gears, knick-knack, pigmen, rocky mountains. But I had to leave the safety of my home. I would come back to rest, regenerate and get more resources if my experiments were a success.

They were. I managed to put the lightning in a cage. It looks more like a spherical barrel though. Oh, and a bird caught fire when it flew past the connection rods.


Fueled by this achievement, I started developing safer conduction rods. Something tells me that is a good idea...



Well, the good news is, I have a concept for a safe conduct-joint now. The bad news is, it's too late. Now I have an excess of charcoal, I don't know what to do with it.


I'm making a blueprint for a device, which should allow me to make my own lightning charges using the abundance of charcoal.


I built the oven based on the Hunter Party House. But it took all my gears, and I'm sure I'll need more... For now, the graves can be dug.



Chapter 2 - Making the most of it


So far, my research merely served the purpose of understanding what I've discovered. I know how electricity (as I'm going to call it) distributes, and I can control it rather well I could control it, if I had the right resources. Resources are a great problem to me, mostly because I lack certain ones and have an excess of others. The coal boiler was the first step to change that. Now I am creating a tuberous, but functional device to cut raw materials to advanced products and machine parts.


The electric cutmill works very arduously, but I can use the cut stones and wires to make other devices. Since all my research depends on charcoal, I developed and just finished a kiln of sorts. It uses electrical charge to seethe and char things. I suppose I could fry meat with it.


I am currently testing a new machine, which causes materials to compress under great pressure. I'm sure good uses will reveal themselves once I can quarry new materials. I'm getting peckish too, maybe the kiln is done.


What a disaster. I blame the old conduct-joint model, but feel a tingly danger in the voltaikiln too. I better use it under constant supervision only. I got rid of the wirespots, and I will replace them soon, but remaining charge struck me and I need to rest.



Chapter 3 - A dire Realisation


I brought a good amount of supplies from home, and was ready to carry on science, but I noticed a cold reception.


In preparation for the upcoming months, I developed a simple but effective heater. It is easier and safer to cook with too. The only problem is, that I didn't install an switch, so I still depend on chopping trees to keep the power and heat up.


I need to remember saving some logs for the fire at night. I keep finding myself about to be swallowed by darkness, and it's driving me insane. If only I could recreate the effect of an lightning rod more efficiently.


I successfully created a compact battery and assembled a device to recharge it. Currently I try to manipulate one of the gems at the graveyard to emit light from said battery, but it dawns upon me that there must be an easier way than artifacts. I will note my suspision in the blueprint.


I constructed a conduct-joint with a switch on it, a conduct-switch if you will. During the developement I discovered a dangerous modification of the original conduct-joint, which stunned me until the power fortunately went out. I'm short on everything, I will need to head hon I just heard something. It sounded big. I'll put the new discoveries to good use tonight!

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This story, which is meant as a guide on a mod, is liked by both Peter and Bigfoot.


Apparently my awesome verve and brio is so puissant, it can summon the benevolence of the principalities of this subsistence. That, in return, summons the use of termology I literally just read for the first time in my existance.

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I just wanted to drop in and say that I love both your mod and the way you're describing it. I, for once, enjoy discovering how things work myself, so I'm glad you're trying to keep it relatively spoiler-free.

Thanks a lot for you hard work!

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