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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Map disappears

Issue Description: Whenever I disconnect and reconnect my map is completely gone, which makes gameplay a lot more difficult for the casual player

This issue only effects clients connected to a server, not the host.

Steps to Reproduce: map an area.



check map.

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@Xackattack, See this post for how you can help provide more information:

Hey @Libertas
Okay, this issue seems to have a couple of reasons it can happen. So far I fixed two instances where it can happen (a unicode username, as well as the user's document directory being on a network drive), but there's possibly a third way this happens, and I really hope to pin it down and get it fixed, so I have a few questions for you :-)
1) Does this always happen for you if you repeat the above steps - ie, every user that joins you loses their progress every time they rejoin?
2) You say you don't lose your progress when you quit and reload the world? (I had expected you would too, so that's different)
3) As @rezecib said - Can you check if there's a Klei/DoNotStarveTogether directory with a log.txt file in your documents directory?
4) If possible, same for your friends indeed, do they perhaps have something odd with that directory? Does it exist? Is there a log.txt?
I know, it's a lot of questions, but this bug has proven fairly elusive.
Thanks :-)

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Got same problem and found temporary solution.


So I got same problem with map disappearing and found that, if the server host send you map file (in my case "KU_aKd006fA_minimap") and you put it in server folder (in my case ...session\04100002EEBAF428) you got map what is explored by host. If you are playing with friend who hosts server than you just explore map together and if your map disappears in next time you play on his server, just ask him/her to send map file.

Hope this helps.

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OK I tested on a random non dedicated and on a dedicated as well and I couldn't reproduce.

The one I was having issues is non dedicated, modded (Mitsuru [DST]), passworded, friend hosted, and friend was in it, and upon disconnecting apparently the map stayed the same. Upon the host disconnecting and me being automatically disconnected, map was still saved.

But so far we would play once a day so maybe there's something that gets cleaned up daily, and this means I will just try again tomorrow night.

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@MarkL, I've written 'bout the bug already http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/48261-gameplay-map-resets-after-rejoining/ 


Also, I've came to same conclusion as BiggSauliz, that fix works. What I think is causing the bug to happen is the fact that the client doesn't download the map from the host or doesn't save to the session/server_number ( I don't know if the map is local or has to be downloaded from host to client), I just sent and renamed the xyz_minimap file and other "xyz" file without _minimap extension since it seems that client has the folder empty, hence he can't load any minimap since there isn't one.

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@Libertas, Well, in one of the log files I looked at it had a message something along the lines of "failed to serialize map data to 290AE29/blahblah, player already removed". So I don't think that it's ever really not knowing that it needs to save it, but there's probably a bug somewhere that might mess up the saving process. 

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  • Developer

We are getting same problem too. So as libartas said it could be temporary solution So many hot fix is coming but there is no fix for this situation :(


Can you upload your log.txt (from your Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether folder) after you experience this issue? Thanks!

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Can you upload your log.txt (from your Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether folder) after you experience this issue? Thanks!

Hello.My friend created server and l connected to him yesterday.After log out,l logged in again for check the map then i saw again it was disapper like others.So i decide to try this: l asked to him pls send me ur dates which is in klei/dontstarvetogether/save/clint/ and exactly date folder (12.01.2015 date). So he sent to me and i saw i did not have this three items :






I was just have server_save file with same folder.l moved them to my folder and tried to check again and it worked. my map was not get reset.It was same like i left.


But this is not good as u know. it shouldnt be fix like this but i am happy to find temporarily solution in this forum.


Thank you so much and here is my log file.Have a good day


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