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dose krampus get mad if you kill butterflies?

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:( might want to wait a little after that bunny kill fest i had, then, huh?

oh well! thanks!

actually, seems to me the krampus counter resets after each attack, and even if you manage to recharge it almost immediately, it seems the game has a limit on how often you can force a krampus spawn.

EDIT: post 100, senior member status, get!

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Since the latest hotfix, it takes a LOT of kills to anger Krampus. You'd have to kill at least 30 butterflies, and you're warned by hissing noises when you're close to summoning him anyway. I recently did some heavy Krampus farming (I wanted the 10 slots bag he rarely drops), and at times I would spend a whole in-game day slaughtering birds without him appearing.

If you want more infos about his mechanics, check :


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smallbirds, steal a bunch of eggs and ferry them back to your primary base, hatch about 5 at a time and kill them, then it's a hop, skip, and a few more kills from getting a krampus attack.

or you know, you could just do 6-7 smallbirds and go all the way with that...

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