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[Request] Working Signposts for DST

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Think there might be a reason why there's a [REQUEST] tag in the title?

Cheesus Jrist! I didn't notice that before. Well, it still changes nothing. There were no one until now who would accept the OP's request. So he/she still couldn't get any further in this question. Anyways, I wish good luck to you all. Once (long ago in a galaxy far far away) I wrote a request too but I had to wait months till someone came to help.
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@Silentdarkness1, Well, I think the main reason it hasn't been done yet is because it's supposed to be an official feature. I thought it wouldn't be as far off (or as pressing) as the missing characters, but maybe I was mistaken.


As part of Director Maxwell I have a console command I can use to generate signs with custom descriptions, which could probably be adapted to the existing single-player mod's interface, at least for hosts. 


Getting an editing interface to work for clients would be quite challenging, actually, now that I think about it. Which is probably why the devs haven't gotten around to it.

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