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The 12 Days of Camping


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Heya, campers! Forum ghost here. Just got an idea the other day of doing a sort of giant community spin-off of the age old tune "the 12 Days of Christmas" with a Don't Starve twist! Pretty much what we'll all do is each day make doodles based on horrible things that can happen in Don't Starve, such as having 2 terrorbeaks or 12 mactusks!


Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun!

  • If you're not a doodler, you could add lyrics, which could potentially be turned into a doodle (provided, of course, you're okay with someone drawing off of them). Or you can just bop around and comment on the ongoing shenanigans!
  • Is a doodle already drawn for the day we're on? Who cares! We can have a thousand "3rd day" or "4th day of camping"s! Just please only submit "day 3" doodles if we're on "day 3"(Which would be December 15th). I won't badger or scream about it if anyone doesn't, i just think it'd look less confusing. ^ ^;Thanks!
  • Please make the content appropriate for everyone. If it's not quite there (say you add gore or cursing), just put it in a spoiler with a little warning or what have you. No need to burn the eyes of the innocent into distasteful mush.
  • If you want to follow it, I'm phrasing the song lyrics as "On the __ day of camping my ruler gave to me, _________ ". I just say ruler since different characters can be on the throne, but you can go ahead and change it to some form of "Maxwell" if you want. Or anything really. Don't let me tell you what to do.

I'll start us off. *Ahem*:

"On the First day of camping my ruler gave to me

A buzzard in a burnt tree."~




Have fun .w.

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"On the Third day of camping my ruler gave to me

Three open Caves."~


EDIT2: Have a stupid replacement for the broken image. This is ever so slightly less painful to see.


EDIT: Somehow it's really messed up now... Don't look at me, I'm ugly!post-390644-0-80844100-1418667739_thumb.
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Yup, in other forums.

this time, the problem is " you are not allowed to use that image extension on this community "


Oh!! I know that problem, and I think I can help! Type the link in a comment and I can probably tell you how to fix it!

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"On the third day of camping, my ruler gave to me,

3 beefalo.~”tumblr_ngnr1sbzPM1tr24ito1_1280.png


Almost didn't get to put this one up OTL I keep pushing these things really late. Tomorrow, i should reaaalllly try to get in a biiiit earlier. Oh my god I can not draw beefalo to save a life.

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I am not joining, because this is stupid.

And I do not care.

Three Helmets

(Seriously, Wendy?)

And an Eyebone to summon Chester.

Lol, I made the lyrics beforehand which is why they don't follow your format.



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On the 4th day of camping what maxwell gave to me,

I spawn a treeguard who was pissed at me.


Mine doesn't follow the classical '12th days of camping", followed more of smosh's end of christmas song tune.


It worked. Thanks!

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