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Got my keys...Some suggestions...The wh

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I´m having a lot of fun, here are some things that kind of bugged me.


- You should only be able to chat to players who are close to you. Two reasons A) It´s confusing. I was trying to talk to a friend in my and it became impossible because two people were chatting to each other nowhere near where we were. B) It´s just more realistic. We wouldn´t have walky talkys in the wild.


- The whole ghost burning things is a bit...Annoying. I know it´s implemented  purposely to have a dangerous effect to players, but there is no way of managing it, so as a ghost, I would never ever haunt anything because the risk is to high and it´s completely unpredictable. And noobs...are well...It only takes one to ruin your entire day.


That is all. I´m having a lot of fun.

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I don't think it's worth destroying the ability to coordinate players across a server because some people are annoying, though? Having a general/global chat is one of the best ways to make friends or join in activities.

Edit: And think about servers? How can you alert the host that someone is griefing so they can kick them if there's no global chat?

A lot of people don't seem to know about the whisper function at all, and might use it if informed, but maybe not, because it's so inconvenient. Even someone at my base can't necessarily hear me with whisper/U unless they're directly in the same screen, and sometimes people are moving, and you have to stop moving to type... I think those are all reasons people don't use it. 

I think this mostly speaks to a lack of player or group-specific speech channels. If friends-only chat, whispering only one character, some sort of party-joining + chat system, or factions/faction chat existed, I think people would use those for the sake of keeping their conversations more private, especially on pvp worlds, but since those features do not exist, the public chat channel is the best way to communicate currently. If other options were added and improved, I have no doubt that they'd become as appealing. They just currently.. aren't. When it takes extra effort and possibly repeating yourself to make sure your teammates heard what you said, that can lead to death as you spend more time typing.

I think that this is why we are not seeing more people communicating outside of the global chat.

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It would be a quite a nuisance, as you can't type while you walk, and comunicating something (like "I have to go" or "there's a guy griefing my base" or anything that isn't actually concerned with gameplay).

Also, realism doesn't really factor into things. At least call it consistency(so I don't have to keep practicing my jumping of buildings on spikes), as it is a bit inconsistent, but it doesn't really destroy immersion or anything, it just makes people be able to talk over distances.

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Artificially restricting communication for "realism" and "difficulty" doesn't work, anyways. All it ends up doing is giving even more advantage to organized groups since they'll use voice chat like skype or teamspeak. You can't keep people from communicating, in a multiplayer game, in this day and age. They WILL communicate. If you don't let them do it in the game, they'll go outside the game. 

Then you end up with a ton of servers that are just like "JOIN TEAMSPEAK OR KICK." And honestly I'm not that interested in being forced to voice chat to strangers. Some people also can't, at all, because of no microphone, or no privacy because of roommates, etc.

People who are voice chatting with people that they know already have a huge advantage, not having to stop to type. Do we need to give them an even bigger advantage by crippling everyone else? Especially in pvp worlds. Do we really want to have only SOME players, using external programs, to be able to call for help while restricting everyone else to do so?

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While I agree that talking to one person would be helpful, calling them by name works sort of the same. Unless everyone is talking at the same time to different people. That would look silly.


As for realism thing, it is like having sprint meters in games. No body likes the sprint meters, but it is there for immersion and realism. I personally think it fails at this, and I have no problem overlooking bits of the game that are "Game Logic". Realism in games can get a little silly if over done, and it puts the immersion at stake if I am complaining about my characters skinny arms and fat legs. AKA your average horror game character.

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