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Have i messed up my chance to be in the beta?

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Well, i was here since there was an application to join the beta, and i joined with an email and all, and after i sent the application, i noticed i forgot to tell something about myself and some of my games, so, stupidly, i decided to make another application stating that, until now i havent gotten a key and i still wonder if it thought i was trying to make my chances bigger by typing my email again, can anyone give me his answer?, thanks!

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They said everyone who applied will get a key. But don't expect duplicates :)

From what I gathered weeks ago was they will give keys, but "attempting" to get more keys would only put you at the "end" of the list if you will (and you certainly won't gain more keys). (AKA Take longer to get the keys).  *shrug* Speculation from what I read awhile ago.

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