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One newbie doubt about the game

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Hi, there.

First of all I have to say that this is one of the more addictive games I've ever played. The style, the humour, the gameplay, it all works great. Haven't found any bugs at all, so it's been a near-perfect ride. But, I still have one question for you:

Can I have more than one game saved? My gf plays most of the time (I haven't even had the chance to start a new game), she's pretty far advanced, but the only option I find is to start a new game. If I do, will it overwrite my girlfriend's playthrough or will I get the option to save on a different slot?

Thank you all. Keep up this genius work.

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As of now, only one save can be going at a time, but there are ways to work around that, such as findign the save folder, where your gf's save is, then you take it out and put it somewhere safe, and create a new game.

And whenever you two switch, just switch out the saves.

Someone else, please tell him the exact directory of the saves)

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EDIT: This is the method for Chrome. I don't know how to manage this on Steam

Oh boy, I looked all over for the thread about this but I can't seem to find it. So I'll try to explain how to do this to the best of my ability!

Don't Starve files are saved locally. You can make multiple "users" on Chrome, which differ from Google accounts, so your and your daughter's games save separately.

First click on the three-line icon, located in the top right corner of Chrome.


Click on settings, which should bring you to a separate page. Find the users section.


You can add as many users as you need. Whenever you play, for example, make sure you're the current user, and when your daughters play make sure they change the user to themselves. This way your files are separate!

In order to change users click on the icon in the top left corner of Chrome. (the icon will match whatever icon you set to your user account)


I hope all of that made sense

Credit given as due :)

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