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  1. You're welcome, happy to help such a great dev team. Wasn't even sure if I should post it since I know you have a new system in the new patch
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title world generation creates unusable objects Steps to reproduce create a new world and hope for the best/worst (???) Describe your issue So I've created a new world today and some objects have been placed in the water. The berry bush to the left is actually unusable. I could harvest the right one and the rock if I wanted to. Note: I increased brightness and contrast of the pictures for better visibility.
  3. Had the same bug, happened when I kited the tree around my fire pit during a whole night.
  4. Steam discussion

    As it is right now I think in Germany, where I live, it is very much so that the License Agreements you have with companies are not legally binding anyway because you never sign them. At least not as much as they are in the US. If steam decided to lock my account for whatever reason I think I would try to make an exemplary judicial case out of it. As it stands I don't have any trouble with it being a service. I know this is lazy and you've at least given me something to think about: Thinking about whether there should be some initiative brought forward through a petition or something to give users more right. It certainly is an interesting idea and to argue that Steam is a merchant might actually work (although I know very little about law).
  5. First off, thank all of you for your opinions. I am glad so many of you took the time to respond. _____________________________________________________________ This is exactly why I thought it might be a good idea to have Don't Starves model taken to other titles. __________________________________________________________________________ Yes it is true, there was that time but back then, I think, hardware setups weren't as manyfold and neither were programs as complex as they have to be today. Today developers have to take sooo many more things into consideration. _____________________________________________________________ On the other hand who would want to throw 100k out of the window, especially in a (mostly) capitalistic society and branch? While this is true I never cease to be amazed by customers. Peoples' shopping decisions could force devs or maybe rather the publishers to wait a bit longer. Still people don't seem to mind getting unfinished products or are just waaaaaaay to eager to get stuff early on as if their lives depended on it. _____________________________________________________________________ I'd rather play a "buggy" beta version, pay less for it and know what kind of deal I get than being taken for a ride by companies that claim to have finished a product. Next thing that happens they patch for months to come or just give a sh*t and leave you with your cra* game. I don't like being lied to and that is what some companies tend to do.
  6. Hi community, I really like these forums. There is a lot of constructive criticism and people try to help to make the game better, come up with good solutions, help in finding bugs etc. At the same time people have already bought this game, allowing the devs to relax a bit about funding (I hope) and focus on finishing the game properly and actually release it "when it's done" This makes me wonder: a lot of games nowadays, often especially AAA titles, are released in a state that could barely be called anything more than a beta. They are buggy, not fully fleshed out, or include mechanics that the players don't like. Could the concept of releasing a pay to play beta, that is cheaper than the full release actually help in avoiding the above mentioned flaws? As in: could this potentially be a strategy to release games that satisfy a larger crowd while also taking some of the pressure that devs seem to have away? I would be happy to hear what you think about this. Cheers
  7. lazy much? Here is the directory for Steam: <steam installation folder>\userdata\6130033\219740
  8. Steam discussion

    (see title) and I still wholeheartedly agree with you there, Isen. You raise very valid points and it is a shame that customers don't have more rights by law (like the right to keep all their games even if Valve/Steam don't agree with it). Competition, I hope, will rise, grow stronger and force Steam to move towards a more customer friendly approach when it comes to "rights".
  9. Fireflies

    Not for me. Maybe it is a hardware specific problem? I have a GF 460 GTX and a AMD X2 5400+, 4 GB RAM, so anything but high end. Graphics drivers are the newest available and so is DX.
  10. Fireflies

    I also have a lot of fireflies This is not true w0bbl3r, you can stand there in a way that some still light you enough to count as standing in light. Hence you don't need to make a fire if you don't want to. Edit: I agree in so far as that you can't really work in the light of fireflies all that much. And burning mats are abundant.
  11. Krampus.

    I can understand where you are coming from with the idea that players should not be punished for playing the way THEY want but in regards to this game I simply cannot understand why you would criticise the devs for tweaking it in the way they did. To be honest I am really surprised someone would not want more challenge in this game. Once you have built a relatively decend "base", meaning that you have everything you need around a campfire (twigs, grass, berries, bunny traps, pig, spiders nearby, bee box, wood) there'd literally be NOTHING to do. How long do you want to spend at your camping place just building more and more.... well, whatever it is you want to "make a living on". I think it is very easy to avoid Krampus and even if he spawns it is just a matter of chasing him into a corner and killing him (yes loot drop into the water is annoying, though). What is it you want to do after about the approx. 20 days you need to have a really great base? New concept for the game: Avoid being bored to death... ?
  12. Hi, I find the new map to be a lot better than the old one when it comes to "readability". I am a bit surprised about the choice in color though. Now I know you have probably made the choice for the reason I like and posted first but I also find it looks a bit weird. It looks weird because it is kind of bright in places, which doesn't suit the darker theme of the game so well. Maybe you could consider toning those brights down a bit. May just be a question of taste though. TL;DR: - the new map is more readable/better - the color is too bright - maybe it's just my taste Thanks for taking the time to read this
  13. This is my first post on these forums so first off: Hi y'all I really like this game a lot. I find it relaxing to play and at the same time quite challenging at times. I have put about 12 hours into this within 2-3 days (yes I have a lot of free time on my hands at the moment) and have throughly enjoyed my time. 12 hours for the price seems like a fair deal already plus this game is still in development so one can expect there will be quite some more content being added in the near future. The problem I am starting to see with this game though is that as Soon as you have stabilized your "food-income" and explored your world quite a bit there doesn't seem to be a lot left to do anymore since the only real goal to achieve is to survive (for as long as possible). This leaves me in a situation where after about 20-30 days of ingame time I just don't feel like there is much left to do. How could this be fixed, then? I think it would be awesome if there were something to do after that - maybe add more ressources like metal etc. to allow people to gear up with armor and allow them to summon bosses, much like in terraria or make it so that after a certain time people will be attacked from time to time by normal mobs like the... I suppose they are dogs... to put a strain on their ressources. Maybe there should be something like a "hardcore" mode, that becomes unlocked after reaching a certain point or fighting a boss. This could also unlock a third tier of craftables (then also maybe including craftables like health potions etc.) and additionally add items that can be used to fortify your "base". I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions and ideas about this. _________________________________________________________________________________ There is someone who voices similar concerns here:
  14. As with many games nowadays I got interested in this because I saw TotalBiscuit and the Yogscast play it.