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  1. Puzzle Thread

    The room now looks exactly like the "Madness Room" now. EDIT: Also I find it strange looking at maxwell without his suit.
  2. Puzzle Thread

    I like to think that the room is pretty big, in a 3D space, and that the painting isn't that noticeable after a first glance at it "Oh, it's just a painting of us, don't have to look at it again, because picture don't change, that's crazy talk!"
  3. Puzzle Thread

    So, like actual demon mythos. When a guy uses or talks to a demon more, they get more powerful, some even possessing the usee/talkee, but in this case, it's more like controlling Maxwell like a puppet in the end.
  4. Puzzle Thread

    Anything when saving it as a zip?
  5. Puzzle Thread

    Its seems like they're uploading them later and later each time.
  6. Puzzle Thread

    Picture please, dont have the page or link to it right now
  7. Puzzle Thread

  8. Puzzle Thread

    I've been around since basically the game went on steam, and kept up with all the puzzles. But I swear I haven't heard of this "train crash" one guy mentioned pages ago. Could anyone explain it, or any pictures?
  9. Puzzle Thread

    As Ive been first for two of the pics, i can agree it does feel good
  10. Puzzle Thread

    You're quite the jar filled with joy aren't you.
  11. Puzzle Thread

    This actually seems plausible! EDIT: There's even a book on the floor in that picture, that looks like the one that she's currently reading!
  12. Puzzle Thread

    I think it refers to both. Once Charlie exits the room she'll get grabbed by the hands, she's trapped. Maxwell can't help her.
  13. Puzzle Thread

    Posting picture again, on this page for people to see:
  14. Puzzle Thread

    Maxwell in picture is terrified, and I don't think this is the final picture.
  15. Puzzle Thread

    But my dog licks my toes all the time!
  16. Puzzle Thread

    Oh my god hahaha XD
  17. Puzzle Thread

    Image saves as: 05-curiosity
  18. Puzzle Thread

    The picture of Maxwell is looking worried. The chandaleir is getting longer! It must be alive or a trap!
  19. Puzzle Thread

    Slow day in this thread isn't it.
  20. Puzzle Thread

    What if she can see something in the reflection but not in the room, like one of the nightmares?
  21. Puzzle Thread

    I'd laugh if it keeps going to like, 10 tally marks.
  22. Puzzle Thread

    Already said that