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  1. Well, that. Anyone interested, send me a PM or offer here. Also, if you have Mark of the Ninja I can give you both codes. Cheers Bumpy bump
  2. Not interested. Thanks for the offer.
  3. One newbie doubt about the game

    Thank you. It's the Steam version, but having that info will be useful eventually.
  4. [H] AAA Games [W] Don't Starve Steam Key

    Already have it, sorry.
  5. Hi, there. First of all I have to say that this is one of the more addictive games I've ever played. The style, the humour, the gameplay, it all works great. Haven't found any bugs at all, so it's been a near-perfect ride. But, I still have one question for you: Can I have more than one game saved? My gf plays most of the time (I haven't even had the chance to start a new game), she's pretty far advanced, but the only option I find is to start a new game. If I do, will it overwrite my girlfriend's playthrough or will I get the option to save on a different slot? Thank you all. Keep up this genius work.
  6. I'm interested, but waiting for a couple of copies I'm getting later. If you get another offer, take it, no problem at all. And just in case, would you be interested in any of these games? - Borderlands GOTY edition - Dead Island GOTY edition - The Darkness II If not, I'll PM you when I get the copies.
  7. Hi, all. This is what I have -Awesomenauts Steam key -Dead Island GOTY Edition Steam Key -Saints Row: The Third -The Darkness II -Borderlands GOTY Edition I'll trade most for a Don't Starve Key (and if some of you happens to have a spare Mark of The Ninja laying it would be cool too), and also can accept other offers.
  8. Giftable copy from Gamersgate. Give me your Steam ID and your e-mail. I'll add you and you'll get the Steam key right away. And it's region free, so there's no problem about it.
  9. [H] Don't Starve steam gift [W] Try me

    Trade completed. Closing this.
  10. [H] Don't Starve steam gift [W] Try me

    Still open for offers
  11. Well, after many failed attempts of trading Dead Island and Saints Row The Third for this game, I ended up buying it. Make your offers, but bear in mind that if you have Frozen Synapse available for trade, it's yours.
  12. Dead Island GOTY Saints Row The Third
  13. Trading Don't Starve(Steam)

    Dead Island GOTY Saints Row The Third
  14. Dead Island GOTY if you're in America
  15. Saints Row: The Third - Steam key
  16. [H] Don't Starve Steam [W] Offer me.

    Dead Island GOTY edition
  17. Bump! Come on, dudes, it's a 20 dollar game - - - Updated - - - Bump! Come on, dudes, it's a 20 dollar game
  18. Dead Island GOTY edition (US Steam key)
  19. [H] Don't starve steam key [W] steam game offers

    Dead Island - GOTY edition (US key)
  20. Trading 1 Don't Starve key

    Dead Island - GOTY Edition (US key)
  21. Ok, it's late in here. PM me if intereseted and we'll talk tomorrow.
  22. Hi! I have this spare Dead Island GOTY edition that I got on, and since I can't activate it on Steam here in Spain, I'm willing to trade it for a Don't Starve key for Steam (obviously needs to be able to be activated in Europe).