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Why does no one join my servers?

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Timezone could be an issue, people play on different times in different places. As for the Ok host becoming Bad host, is a reflection on how reliable your PC is at hosting. If you're playing alone and it's an Ok Host most of the time, then that means your PC can barely keep up the server with only you. Naturally, since you are the host, there shouldn't be any latency problems when you are alone. If another person joins, depending on their geographical distance to you, your server status may become Bad Host because your PC can not keep up with the load. Hope that makes sense.


In all honesty, I do not know the exact specifics of what makes a host Good, Ok, or Bad. As far as I know, if the server host's PC is beefy enough to support multiple game user inputs simultaneously it's a Good Host.


Hopefully somebody who knows better can give a more specific answer.

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Personally, I look for the names of servers and what they have in the description. Like "anyone welcome", "come join!" "newb friendly" or just something friendly (I can think of anything special at the moment)  vs. "Men only"... :razz: or some restriction (Can't think of a great example either).  But I'm usually nervous going to a server for the first time. If I see someone like from the forums, I'm more likely to check things out. See what's going on. etc. (Like I'm not sure what Rez's server was called, but I was wanting to stop by his when I saw it up, was waiting to drag my friend with lol. I think it was cool too that he posted his server, welcoming people too.)


I really don't check the ping ... at all. I don't really care. I'm just expecting lag at some point in any server. I've been practicing to learn how to play with lag. Like somethings I just can't fight at all, and I've learned this (especially hounds...omg lol). And I know I have to use and make a ton of traps. etc. And as far as hit distance goes I just have to run yards away when its really bad. (Cause I know I'm nowhere near, but they will still end up hitting me if I stop.)

I'm sure as mentioned, timezones can be an issue. That's probably the main problem really.

But a seemingly friendly server, or someone I've seen around the forums are my main things I look for I guess lol

I don't really have any other suggestions, that I can think of.



EDIT!: Oh yeah, right now you can't really tell the season, and winter is like "practically" insta-death, so that could be some hesitation to join I guess. Hopefully, they add those server details in the menu soon. :)

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