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I originally started my map research because I thought there was a new map generator, and I wanted to see what it changed. You can see that research in this thread (Spoiler: there isn't a new map generator). Even though that proved pointless, I had fun exploring a bunch of maps and decided to continue my research.

Since that thread, I made 2 more map outlines (to replace the 2 incomplete outlines in the first batch), uncovered an entire map, and made a map where I just made a single torch and saw how much I could explore before dying. I also came up with a ranking system for the quality of the map (not the world, just the map), I've put that below with some examples.

A - Completely uncovered map with no map visible objects (MVOs) added or removed.


B - A map that is at least mostly uncovered, but may have MVOs added or removed or may have covered areas. (No example, this is basicly just a failed A)

C - A complete outline of the landmass(es), MVOs are irrelevant.


D - A mostly complete outline of the landmass(es), MVOs are irrelevant.


F - A map with as much uncovered as possible in 1 day, MVOs are irrelevant. Night is a better stopping point then starvation, the example shows me doubling back because I couldn't think of anything productive to do.


I'm hoping to get enough maps so that when the new map generator comes out we'll be able to see what it changed. I'll probably wait to make a bunch of maps until after the new map generator comes out; when that happens I'll analyze everything about the maps and see what I can discover.

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I can't fully uncover maps quick enough, so I'd appreciate some help. If you want to help me, read the first post and then follow the instructions below, thank you in advance.

If you want to help me the easiest thing to do is to take a screenshot of your current map, as zoomed in as you can without chopping any part off, and submit it using this form. If you do this the map rank would be a B, because you almost certainly moved/destroyed a MVO.

If you want to be really helpful, you can start a new map and run around its entire perimeter then take a screenshot. If you do that a few times those outlines are almost as helpful as rank Bs, they would be rank Cs, and I'll take 2 Cs over a B any day.

If you want to be really really helpful, and have a fair amount of time to kill, you can send me a rank A map. That requires you to fully uncover a map without digging up, burning, mining, or otherwise destroying anything that shows up on the map, and not placing anything that shows up on the map anywhere except on a bridge. You would then take a screenshot of the map and of each individual island, as zoomed in as you can without chopping any part off, stick those screen shots in a zip file, and submit the zip file using the form.

Last but not least, here's some advice for quickly exploring maps. Spend the first day making 2 torches and a spear, then gather as much food and grass as you can, and don't eat anything (this will make sense later). Walk around the perimeter of the islands using the torches at night, you'll only do this the first night because of the way straw rolls work (they cut your remaining hunger in half if it is more than 10). From the second day on, you'll only eat enough food to hover around 10 hunger, and use a straw roll when it turns to night. Start by walking around the perimeter of the island. Once the outline is finished, take a screenshot (that way if you die before finishing, you'll at least have that). Start uncovering the map from wherever you are when you finished the outline, there's not really a trick to this step, it's slow and boring.

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You beat me to it, I was going to say the same thing.

Save this very informative experimental endeavor for the next map generator, we are going to need it.

PS: I merged your threads to keep it organized ;)

I plan on doing this after the update as well, but I want some maps from the current map generator for comparison and historical records. I made a separate thread to draw attention to the fact that I need help. Now I have to rewrite my post so it makes sense again.

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