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Will I still recieve an email if......?

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and i would imagin yes, klei is running a database for emails that have applied for beta testing and when you first start dst they want a email from you aswell.

this email is not used for account verification but instead to compare the emails with the list of applicants. so this means if a email matches they wont send out a key to this e-mail address?


i'm not entirely sure on this but what other purpose would the dst first start email address have if not for comparing it with the database of applicants for the beta. it really sucks for me because i got only 1 key from the dev cast while other people received 2 keys via email and also from later dev casts.

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yes, thats true. they mentioned the "keys for friends" phase or however it was spelled, which will happen when the 80k applicants have received thair keys. so it could be that applicants who already play get the e-mail anyway but at a much lower priority then people who dont have thair email in the database yet.


maybe someone from klei could clarify what the first start email is used for.

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