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  1. for money making it now simply goes like: build pig bank -> clear out the store from owner and the guards who enter -> steal 110 oincs, nitre, rocks, gold, charcoal -> hammer and rebuild pig bank -> repeat it's basically converting rocks, gold and pigskin into oincs and for the 3 pigs you kill (owner and 2 guards) you have a 75% chance to get 1 skin drop if not more. the gold is easily accessible if you invest your looted oincs into buying gold in the new bank. only the rocks might run out eventually.
  2. bumping this since piko's went extinct on my 200+ days world due to this bug. i did chop a few piko homes but made sure they migrated to other nearby tea trees and then they're no longer around.after continuing another play session. 2nd island should have pikos still (unless the world initially never generated spawns on that island?) but there are none to be found, which makes me speculate that naturally spawned tee tree homes eventually get removed too. i did c_countprefabs("piko") and it confirmed it to me that they're indeed extinct since it gives out 0 (0 asleep).
  3. i would like to add that the prefab naming doesn't seem consistent on this. the recipes.lua files refers in that particular craft recipe to antler, but the prefab inside the folder actually is called birdwhistle.lua. i wonder if the crash is related to this inconsistency.
  4. that's a bug on krampus himself. it happens in all versions of don't starve. krampus bugs out while he is being hit during his *escape through krampus sack* animation.
  5. i have 6 drying racks at base and use them very frequently. last items i did hang up was 2 flytrap stalks, 2 drumsticks, 2 regular frog legs. as the items become ready for harvesting the game crashes. see error message. edit: after spending a day outside of my base i was able to avoid getting the crash. the crash only happened while the racks were updating while the base was loaded by the player being present.
  6. i'm with Esai. there are so many issues with the game that really need their attention and klei fixes mechanics that we have in the game for years. the game now crashes and freezes like every 30-60 mins, so why do they waste time and effort on stuff that isn't broken? i also consider this another lazy fix because making the lantern turn off when picked up with the mouse just doesn't feel right. there are bugs that require fixing like the instant lureplant planting that got fixed last update or so and then there are "bugs" that actually are game mechanics that are in the game by design. i count the lantern not turning off when moved onto the cursor as a game mechanic. yea it can be exploited as we see but this is the wrong approach at fixing this. same for the birdcage. i never saw any reason to nerf it in the first place. i wouldn't mind that if it actually got it's nerf during the devolopment of RoG like the hambat has been rebalanced. but now with dst? the game shouldn't handle stuff that's in ds differently. people who play both versions will get confused as to why stuff that is featured in both games are working in different ways.
  7. with caves it makes 4 free revivals, but the cave touchstones have to be generated within natural spotlight areas near the cave exits to make them useful to begin with. because if you resurrect on a cave touchstone and respawn without anything to give light, charlie is going to end your fresh respawn very quickly. its not even possible to leave resources near the touchstone because you cant interact in the total darkness.
  8. this also happens in RoG whenever you go into a new cave or ruins. It would allow you to get your starter items 7 times when you enter every cave and its own ruins.
  9. looks like you found a gamelogic bug. it seems that the game is looking for the boat to break while the player is on the seas and totally ignores the actual player health untill the player gets back on land because usually the boat only takes damage while you're sailing on the sea. i'm taking a wild guess here and say that the game probably would revive the character, if you wait all the way to volcano season and let a magma ball destroy your boat.