Early Access Update 6: Archive Ghosts - Patch Notes

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  • Developer


Click here to download the full 1920 x 1080 image!

There is a bunch of stuff in this update. Where should we begin..

Let's start with the Rewind feature. We really like the tension Invisible, Inc. can create. Even though it's turn based, lots of people have expressed feeling pressured for time. We really want to keep that, it's one of my favorite aspects of the game. At the same time, many matches have been spoiled for people because of its low tolerance for even small mistakes. Our answer to this is a rewind button that works like a limited save and reload. You can use it once per mission and it takes you back to the start of your previous turn. We feel this will allow you to repair those occasional missed clicks without completely removing the tension of the game.

We also know there are lots of you who like how difficult and unforgiving the game can be. For you there is the IRONMAN mode which disables the Rewind feature entirely. The name IRONMAN feels more "military" than "secret agency", so it might not be the final term we use. We are thinking of a good alternate.

Next up are the alternate agent load-outs. You can find them by clicking the ARCHIVE button (once you've unlocked them) on the newly designed Team Select screen. These are the lives of the agents leading up to the current events. We hope they will again offer varied play styles and a peek into the larger world of Invisible, Inc.

The Augments have been split from Inventory. Another example of how your feedback is shaping the game for the better. Augments now have slots of their own giving inventory some breathing space. Augment slots are increased by visiting the Cybernetics labs. Now, if you don't want the augments offered there, you can still upgrade your agent in preparation for later.

There is a notable change to guard behavior. When guards search interest points, they will now peek around adjacent corners. If they find an agent hiding somewhere, they will get a new interest to investigate. This makes guards smarter and harder to elude, but you will have a chance to react if you need to.

The last item I will touch on is the new Support Guard unit. These guys are packed full of flash grenades and love using them. Waiting around the corner of a door can be a risky move here. But they are a great source for flash grenades themselves. Flash and smoke grenades are like ammo and med gels in that they are consumed when used.

After that, there are a couple of other things (such as International's scanning ability moved to an item and became a passive effect) and the usual batch of bug fixes. Check the bullets list for the rest of the changes and new stuff. We look forward to what you have to say about it all.

Patch notes for Update 6: Archive Ghosts

Build 116318


New Features

* New alternate "ARCHIVE" agent starting loadouts. Deckard and International.

* Rewind feature added. Works as a limited save and reload.

* IRONMAN mode, play without the rewind feature.

* New enemy type: Support Guards

* New grenade items: Smoke and flash grenades.

* New gadget, go find it.

* Tutorial has a "guard blind spot" feature spotlight.

* When guards are on overwatch, tiles that will hide your agents will be shown as purple colored zones.

* better door visibility in mainframe mode

* some sounds updated.

Balance Changes

* International's scanning ability becomes an item and now works passively.

* Emergency Drip now works when your PWR is less than 3. Boosts it up to 3 PWR.

* Opening doors and peeking will not cancel Melee Overwatch.

* Augments and inventory are now two separate groups.

* Agents now get new Augment slots using the Cybernetics lab.

* Guards peek around corners at interest points.

Bug Fixes

* Fix cloak visual effect being removed only after being overwatch-shot while walking

* Null drone is not impassable

* Save window position in settings for Windows

* Fix a room-generation problem with vault levels

* Fix Interrogation target not being KO'd for 6 rounds.

* Fix the Final Mission dialog not appearing.

* Peeking should reveal bodies hidden behind cover.

* Fix an inaccessible safe with one of the security prefabs.

* The ShopCat store now has tooltips for player programs.

* Corpses are no longer selectable.

* You can toggle run while dragging.

* Sankaku missions now always have at least 1 guard, for passcard assignment.

* Fix some tooltip spacing.

* Tooltip on Passcard

* Stim III name fixed

Hot Fixes

Build 116370

* Added wireless_range to internationale's old augment

* Fixed guards trying to use missing hide animations

* Replayed mission dialogue should be suppressed when rewinding or continuing an old save game

* Fixed a problem with calculating units in vision that caused some strange behaviour

* Fixed incorrect apostrophes in some strings

* Fixed potential crash when assigning a missing difficulty

* Fixed a crash that would occur when picking up a stickycam

* You can no longer install an augment if there are no available slots

Build 116585

* Fixed upgrade screen at lower resolutions stacking the augment and inventory items

* Internationale's scanner gets increased range

* Fix inaccessible letter again

* Fix a potential reloading error

* Fix a smoke tooltip error

* Fix pinning animation error

* Fix augments auto installing when missions are started.

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Rewind was designed to fix your mid-clicks, not break the game.


Rewind the game to begin of alarm level will bring a nice and elegant way to restore the game for those who play for fun and don`t want to spend hours in it to master the game.


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Great stuff. The change to augments and cybernetics labs looks like an especially solid improvement. So glad that opening and closing doors no longer breaks overwatch <3


Not too keen on the new hissing door noise, a bit jarring. Also unsure about rewind. Maybe it should be on easy mode only?



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Monst3r sold me the new gadget.


Do NOT click if you want to figure it out by yourself

Lock Decoder: Place it on a locked door to open it after 3 turns, CD 3


I found this in a shop on my first run. I like it because it makes Banks less of a no-brainer.


The release notes say something about an Archive button for alternate load-outs for agents. Has anyone found it? I cannot see it anywhere.


Also: I love the rewind button. I tend to play too fast and misclick a lot. I already had to use it once.


Klei, you guys are the best!

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yeah i found the item in a shop on 1st run as well :) Feel like I cant stop using banks tho :)


Just played ironman only myself tho  , I like to feel the rage withmisclicks... Also loving the way gaurds actually check the corners and stuff around the interest points now , makes it a bit harder to hide from them now :)

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  • Developer

The release notes say something about an Archive button for alternate load-outs for agents. Has anyone found it? I cannot see it anywhere.

Ah, I should have mentioned they have been added to the list of unlockables, so you'll need to finish some matches before the ARCHIVE button will show up.

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Support guard show me new exploit: he knock out Decard as intended, two or three guys comes to see what happens and starts to investigate; no one of them was ready when after several turns Deckard rise with his ancient stuff...

They really should use pinning in that situations or supporting guards would do more damage to security than support

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Perhaps "Professional" mode?


I think this is cool, reminds me of Deckard calling corporate security "Amateurs."

By the way, just finished a run with both of the Archive agents, and man,



did I love Deckard! With the revolver, I did not need to buy any lethal weapons since 6 bullets were enough to finish the game(I ended up having 3 of them still with me).

But I was a little disappointed with nerf of Internationale. The item is cool, but for me it cannot beat the former version of using the ability as my choice. I guess this makes picking up Internationale from Detention center less valuable since she cannot scan things(Maybe Devs thought this was too OP? but Banks still get to keep her ability!). I want my older version of Internationale back.... Plus, I think the archive version can keep the Wireless Emitter, because with the ability moved into the item, that is the only uniqueness that Internationale can have. 


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