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  1. Ok, that explains things. Had to make it root 2, 1.5 wasn't good enough? I suppose if you sprint with a stealth 4 Deckard and stim him up a bit, it would actually make a 1 square difference
  2. Hm. Going to have to pay attention to see if that's how it does it. Also, I forgot to click the "attach files" button after choosing all the files to attach. Again.
  3. Bug Submission: Category: Gameplay Platform: PC Issue Title: Moving diagonally sometimes costs 1, sometimes 2 AP Issue Description: As described in title. Movement costs for diagonal movement seem inconsistent. Screenshots 1 and 2: Moving diagonally and orthogonally cost same amount of AP Screenshots 3 and 4: Moving diagonally costs 1 AP more than orthogonally May not be a bug, may be working as intended, but if so I think you need to include some information on how movement costs are calculated, because I cannot for the life of me figure out what rule it follows. Steps to Reproduce: Happens all the time when moving agents.