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  1. Wooow! If you'd told me this was official Klei art I'd have believed you!
  2. Bumpity bump, new fan art! Internationale having a minor conscience attack.
  3. I'll be honest, I had to Google to find out what a White Castle was. Love the body language in those hands, you can tell Xu's so incredibly pleased with his acquisition.
  4. Hm, in a corporate controlled future, will White Castle will be owned by FTM? Thanks! I'm really having a blast with the art stuff now. MOAR ART!
  5. More practice I think I'm getting the hang of this style Here is everyone's favourite EMP hacker. I have yet to come up with an explanation for the stoned expression, but it could just be him doing his 'absent minded professor lost in thought' thing. XD
  6. Hahahahaha! That's awesome XD Those expression are great! Wow. Your pencil linework is really nice. I really liked the flow in this piece
  7. That made me laugh. I can totally see the team finding him in a Detention Center: Banks: Killian, is that you?! Nika: Didn't you die in the raid? Decker: I almost didn't recognise you without your beard. Why did you shave it off? Central: And more importantly, how did you survive? Killian: I built a meat effigy.
  8. Just me messing around trying to replicate the Invisible Inc artstyle. In case anyone is wondering who this is, it's the nameless agent who is with Central and Nika in the opening trailer. Yes, the one who got gunned down when Nika did her awesome bodyguard tackle thing. For now, I've dubbed him K.D. (KIA Dude).
  9. Gosh there's been some awesome additions to this thread! @abardam That look is really nice. You ever consider making alternative loops for the Agent portrait pictures? @invisiblecrystal: You definitely got the art style down! What program were you using to draw the art? Inkscape?
  10. Yaaay! Art jam! Art jam! If I recall the lore, Xu and Sharp used to be colleagues in university. It would have been really funny to have them bickering away if they'd been partnered together.
  11. Did you reuse your savegame.lua by any chance?
  12. I think it's something to do with the save files corrupting, I've had the same problem too. Once I deleted my old save and started fresh, it could start up again.