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long video is long, but regardless...long response is long!

you said in the opening that you are having trouble surviving; one of the most important things you need to do is make a fire each night, and there is a mechanic in the game that will kill you VERY quickly if you find yourself without any source of light by the night night hits.

first and foremost, the camp fire(will require an axe-see below paragraph), which is under the fire tab on in your crafting menu on the right, which requires about 2-3 grass and 2 logs, I think( it's been a while since I've made one...) , always make sure you have at least 4 logs on you at all times, so that you can fuel the fire. You don't HAVE to make the fire comfy, just big enough that Wilson doesn't exclaim that it's too dark, 3-4 logs per fire and 2 logs per fire pit should be fine for the night. Once you start surviving nights, go look for flint to make tools.

TOOLS; the very top option allows you to make tools the most basic, and important of which require flint and sticks. Early on, you will find a LOT of flint, yay, so put that towards making at LEAST an axe so that you can gather wood. A shovel is also a great idea, because it lets you eke out one more log per tree by digging up the stump. Sidenote on trees, make sure you pick up EVERYTHING, and try to focus on the full size trees, as they give 2 pinecones, make sure to replant these periodically, though I'm sure you may have seen the consequences by now.

You will also see large rocks, you can harvest these by making a pick axe, break them apart to get more flint, some rocks and occasionally a gold nugget. the rocks can be used towards making a permanent fire pit that requires less fuel over all to stay lit during the night, and it's easier to use, because you don't need to spend several second each night just to make it up; just fire a log onto the fire and you're safe, for now.

FOOD: as you persist in this environment, you'll find that you need to find some means of sustaining yourself, by way of food. Currently there are is VERY broad range of foods available, and early on, you will likely be feeding off of rabbits until better alternatives arise. now, for rabbits, you CAN try to attack them with your tool/weapon, but that tends to send all nearby rabbits into a tizzy and bolt for safety, so another alternative is to make a trap( third crafting submenu, requires some sticks and an awful lot of grass, about 8). rather than trying for anything complicated, just aim to dump the trap right over the rabbit hole, and if the rabbit is already out and wandering, scare the rabbit to it's hole after the trap is in place. once you catch the little bugger, collect the trap, and you'll pick up both the trap and the rabbit. now, in previous updates, the trap used to kill the rabbit for you, and you'd get a morsel. NOW, you capture them live, and must kill it manually, best option is to right click( you kill it with your bare hands) and the aforementioned morsel will then be generated.

From there, you can either drag the uncooked morsel to your character or right click again to eat said morsel- especially if you are on the verge of starvation-but it's generally better to cook everything you are about to eat. this is where your fire place/pit comes into play again; most people do their cooking/crafting during the night when you're movement is limited, so mebe build up a small compliment of cooked food to allow you to travel farther each time. Just be careful when killing passive and neutral mobs for meat, as it is naughty(literally) to just kill wantonly, well, unless your stomping spiders, stomp as many as you please.

Now, regarding spiders( and certain other hostile mobs in the world) the meat THEY drop is an interesting case. At first you need to be very careful eating this stuff, as it CAN hurt you( even while cooked, though some others have mentioned this feature has been removed). there will be safer methods of cooking monster meat later on, as you expand your knowledge and research bases.

SELF DEFENSE: As per mention hostile mobs, I'm thinking you may or may not have seen the hounds by now. They don't like you, they really don't like anyone, really, and will attack anything and everything, most particularly you. When engaging in combat, you can use any of your tools to defend yourself, though it is generally a better idea to procure an actual weapon. Unfortunately, about this time, you'll start needing research points to start unlocking better items for survival.

This leads us to tab 5, SCIENCE: you know that gold nugget you found? go get that, and some rocks and sticks, we're about to perpetrate some science! Anything that you picked up in your journey so far, and going forward can be fed to the science machine for research points, which those little lightbulb things at the top of the screen. using these, you effectively purchase better recipes from the machine so that you can build them out in the field, though you NEED to be close to your science machine in order to be able to what's available to unlock, and what you CAN unlock with your current points. a quick and dirty way to get research points is to use a shovel to uproot some grass tufts and saplings to feed to Mr. science. Do this SPARINGLY, and stop asSoonas you have a better alternative. Case in point, feed 5 saplings/tufts into the machine to get enough points to unlock rope, this is one of the easier items to build( under advanced materials; the diamond tab). early on, just make rope and feed it into your machine for a nice boost of points and let you start unlocking all sorts of neat toys.

Another Item I recommend unlocking right away is the spear, an actual weapon. now this recipe also requires ropes, sticks and flint, and perhaps also a log suit( ropes and about 8 logs). these 2 items alone will significantly increase your ability to not die by a vast margin. Other items to research include a the backpack, alchemy engine( tier 2 science machine for even MORE recipes), crockpot( very important, will make monster meat VERY viable for food, and makes superior food in general), other advanced materials, chests for storage, better tools, etc, etc.

This should cover the basics you will need to survive long term, and there are MANY other things you can do to increase your odds, which I have not touched upon here.

Take crafting tab 4, the farm tab, I don't go into this tab much at all, except to make crock pots, other than that, I usually don't bother, I'm not much for staying in place very often, so farms don't suit me very well. However, you might get a taste for them, you'll just have to experiment.

This game can be rather unintuitive at times, and you will be bound to learn many, many tricks to deal with various thing sin this game. The only advise I can give you now is to fiddle with EVERYTHING, you never know what you can do, until you experiment.


TL: DR this is a very basic start up guide, if you've survived more than 40-50 days just ignore most of it, yes, I left out a LOT of stuff, mostly included some of the most important early game stuff without too many spoilers.

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Guest Dandytard

Don't make new topics for each episode, Do try to keep them in ONE topic, Otherwise it's just abit spammy.

The episodes are amusing, though.

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