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Spiders and Pigs: When They Duke it Out!

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Alright, so I started a new world and there's a pig village closeby to the south, populated by say 6 or more pigs with some beefalo to the west of it. I set up camp dead center in the town so that the houses circle around my fire pit. When night approached, I start to see more than a few spiders crawl up to my lit fire. The night pretty much became me running in circles around my firepit as spiders tailed me with that catchy danger theme.When day broke, the pigs all swarmed the spiders, causing more to literally pour out of their nests in retaliation. There had to be 20 or something spiders fighting only 6 pigs. I should have surveyed the area more before setting down camp near that pigtown because there were around 6-8 egg sacks scattered closeby in all directions of the village. XDNow every morning, I like to come over to that village and look at the pigs and spiders duke it out to see who wins. It's usually the spiders, but I've seen a few pigs survive. c:I was wondering if you guys ever have something like this happen? Maybe less eggs around a town? Perhaps a bunch of spider dens spawned around a swamp tentacle?

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